Forget ‘Battlefront II,’ Play 2015 ‘Battlefront’ Like A Legit ‘Star Wars’ Movie With This PC Mod

You’ll never play vanilla Star Wars: Battlefront again after you’ve seen this cinematic remake — and this is while fans wait for Battlefront II, of course.

Fans have seen the trailer and the photos, and they are very excited for Star Wars: Battlefront II. But November, 2017 just isn’t close enough to satiate our Star Wars craving, especially with Star Wars: The Last Jedi still not due until December. So what better way to spend your Star Wars-hungry days than to combine two of the best things in the world by playing the 2015 Star Wars: Battlefront game like a legit Star Wars movie?

Star Wars: Battlefront was one of the most well-received games of 2015, thanks to the huge following the franchise carried to the title. In fact, IGN notes in a review of the game that 2015 Battlefront may as well be one of the most beautifully made games of its generation. The attention to detail was just immaculate and the animation was a strong contender in its segment.

But the original charm of the Star Wars franchise does not actually rely on ultra clear, high definition graphics. The gritty deserts and the cloudy dust particles are what makes a full-blown Star Wars battle really bite.

With this grittiness and old school filter in mind, a la Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones, Star Wars fan and modder Martin Bergman created Toddyhancer, a PC mod that essentially turns Battlefront graphics to photo-realistic, movie-quality resolution.

GEForce talked to Bergman in 2016 about the Toddyhancer PC mod, which essentially uses advanced post-processing injectors to apply a filter to Battlefront’s textures to deliver a cinematic experience in-game. Just look at the amazing screenshots of Battlefront with the Toddyhancer mod, played on a PC rigged with a Gigabyte 980 Ti and i7 6770K at 4.6 Ghz. It looks crazy good, like they’re snapshots taken from a real Star Wars movie.

It’s been a year, however, and Toddyhancer creator Bergman has admitted that while he initially planned to release the mod for Battlefront and GTA V, real life has just caught up with him and he is left with no time to continue working on the project. In fact, his first and last showcase of Star Wars: Battlefront playing with the Toddyhancer filter on YouTube has yet to be updated.

With the demand for this kind of mod for Star Wars:Battlefront, other modders just couldn’t idly sit by without doing anything. So while Bergman couldn’t release the PC mod to the public in the meantime, people who want to experience Battlefront in a cinematic light could turn to this SweetFX filter mod fans have spotted lurking around.

Inspired by Bergman’s original Toddyhancer project, user Arvaci published this Ultra-Realistic Film FX (Toddy style) PC mod at SweetFX Settings DB to try and mimic the cinematic effects of the original mod.

“After seeing the Toddyhancer graphics mod I wanted to see if a similar look could be recreated via SweetFX. It seemed like the main modifications were boosted sharpness, boosted mids, and muted/compressed highlights as well as a bit of desaturation. I think the results turned out pretty close IMO. I think this setting is more proof of concept than for practical play.”

While Arvaci’s results are not as jaw-dropping as Bergman’s, they’re also pretty astounding on their own. Check out this Battle of Jakku cinematic recreated on Star Wars: Battlefront with Arvaci’s Ultra-Realistic Film FX PC mod.

Star Wars: Battlefront II game will launch in November this year, Polygon reports. While fans wait, why not recreate some amazing Star Wars cinematic scenes or do some convincing parodies with Star Wars:Battlefront using Arvaci’s mod?

[Featured Image by Electronic Arts]