Who Is Savitar: Could Eddie Thawne, H.R. Wells, Ronnie Raymond Or Barry Allen Be Savitar On ‘The Flash’?

Just who is Savitar on The Flash? Unlike previous seasons of The Flash, it looks as though the revelation of just who season 4’s big bad is might just wait until the finale. However, as noted by WhatCulture, this, of course, hasn’t stopped fans from speculating about the identity of Savitar and whether he could be someone we already know.

While there have been some wild suggestions that Savitar could be anyone from future Iris to future Oliver Queen, the principal suspects seem to be Eddie Thawne, H.R. Wells, Ronnie Raymond or Barry Allen himself. Let’s look at the evidence for these four.

Eddie Thawne

One of the things that we know about Savitar – that he’s already told us – is that he knows the Flash team inside it out and knows everything there planning because he’s already lived it. On the one hand, part of this statement could apply to Eddie Thawne.

Since Eddie was engaged to Iris, worked closely with Joe and ultimately learned Barry’s secret and came to know the whole Flash team, he certainly knew them very well. However, there is a problem with Eddie being Savitar, which is that Savitar claims he already lived everything they’ve experienced while trying to stop him – which is why he knows they can’t. Since Eddie died some time ago, this description couldn’t apply to him.

Savitar kills Iris on ‘The Flash.’ [Image by The CW}

Plus, even if Eddie got sucked into the wormhole and somehow ended up in the speed force at the end of season one – acquiring speed powers as Savitar – it’s hard to believe he’d go so crazy that he’d be willing to kill Iris just to get back at Barry. He might want to kill Barry, but he wouldn’t kill Iris.

H.R. Wells

Some people have speculated online that H.R. Wells – the Wells from Earth 19 – could be Savitar. This would mean that this version of Wells would have been playing possum the whole time and only pretending to be a blithering idiot. There are certain problems with this idea though.

For one thing, it’s been done before. It is unlikely that the producers and writers on The Flash would want Savitar to essentially be played by the same actor who played the Reverse-Flash in season one. Yes, there is a slim possibility that the face masking technology that Wells was revealed earlier in the season to be using could actually be making him look like Wells, rather than the other way round.

This would mean that the real bad guy would be the person we saw him turn into when he supposedly turned it “on.” Even so, this would be a bit of a stretch and would still at least indirectly make Wells once again the big bad. So he’s not likely to be Savitar.

Ronnie Raymond

Just like Eddie Thawne, Ronnie Raymond died during the season-ending episode in which the Flash and Reverse-Flash opened a spiraling black hole over central city. One of the strongest selling factors for this particular theory is the response that we saw from Caitlin/Killer Frost when she watched Savitar climb out of his armor and reveal himself to her – although not to the audience.

She went straight from skeptical to totally committed to helping him, which is what you might expect if it was her beloved Ronnie Raymond. But other than this, there’s not much pointing to Raymond. Plus, there are other people who could step out of that cocoon/armor and engender a similar reaction in Killer Frost. One of them would be Barry Allen himself.

Barry Allen

Over the last few seasons, we’ve seen Barry Allen produce almost as many problems as he solved. He’s made bad decision after bad decision, resulting in things like Flashpoint. Flashpoint itself led to disaster for the team, with Cisco’s brother dying and Caitlin becoming Killer Frost.

Even the alien invasion we saw during this season’s big CW crossover turned out to be Barry’s fault. So it would hardly be surprising if Savitar was not only a product of Barry’s meddling with the timeline, but Barry himself. In fact, it would be a bit of poetic justice.

Plus, there have been numerous hints throughout the season that Barry is Savitar. The statement by Savitar when he first spoke to Barry that he was, “the future, Flash” could easily be read as “the future Flash” to get an entirely different meaning. He might just be saying that he is Barry Allen.

The fact that he knows the team so well and knows everything they’re going to try also suggests that Savitar is Barry Allen. Who would know the team better than Barry? And who would be more familiar with every step Barry is going to take than Barry from the future? And during the trailer for the upcoming episode of The Flash, we get a visual hint that Savitar is Barry when we see a puddle of water at Barry’s feet with Savitar reflected inside. Now that’s what you call allusive imagery.

[Featured Image by The CW]

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