Charlie Sheen’s Private Plane Checked For Drugs Upon His Return From Mexico

Charlie Sheen had to make an unexpected stop on his return trip from Mexico to have his private plane inspected for narcotics. The plane in which the television star returned from Cabo San Lucas was forced to land at Brown Field Airport in San Diego, in order for customs police to carry out a drug inspection. According to Wonderwall, Charlie was flying from Mexico to Los Angeles when federal authorities in San Diego ordered the plane to land.

The pilot, following the orders of the 51-year-old actor, complied with federal police and put all the luggage in the airstrip so that it could be sniffed by the dogs.

“A dog sniffed around one of the suitcases on the tarmac. The dog scratched on the case, and it was opened, but it was a false alarm,” a source was quoted as saying.

In the photographs published by several media sources, Sheen can be seen talking with federal agents while dogs sniffed their suitcases. One of the animals scratched on one of the bags, but once examined by agents it was confirmed that it was a false alarm. After authorities were satisfied that drugs were not on the plane, the actor and the rest of his crew were able to continue the journey home.

Last year, the Two and a Half Men star made the decision to retire to a community in Rosarito in Baja California, Mexico, where he has bought three small properties. According to Daily Mail Online, his intention is to move away from the life of Los Angeles to this 2,700-square-foot house, with three bedrooms, whose price has been very affordable.

“He’s planning on living here full time, he’s tired of the rat race of the United States and his life the way it is. He wants to do something a bit different. He’s looking for a change. Compared to what he has in Los Angeles it’s very humble and simple,” a source close to the actor was quoted as saying.

Sheen — who claimed in court papers earlier this year that he is $13 million in debt — paid under $1 million for three properties, with the intention of living in the middle one and having an empty house on either side to ensure his privacy.

Charlie Sheen got candid about his battle with HIV during a recent appearance on the The Kyle & Jackie ‘O’ Show. Sheen told host Jackie O that he knows several Hollywood stars who have HIV and hide it.

“Do you think there are more people in Hollywood that have HIV that wouldn’t dare come out and say it like you did?” host Jackie O asked.

“There are, and I know who they are, but I’ll take it to my grave,” Sheen replied.

The actor also criticized his former Two and a Half Men co-star, Jenny McCarthy, for the comments the actress made in recalling the contact she had with Sheen on the set after his diagnosis became public. Throughout the interview, Sheen was also enthusiastic about the “miracle drug” he is taking to treat the life-threatening illness.

On November 17, 2015, Sheen confessed to The Dr. Oz Show that he had HIV, and that he had been aware of his condition since 2011.

The actor, who, in 2010, became the highest paid actor for the hit TV show Two and a Half Men, has had problems of all kinds in recent years. Sheen has suffered from drug and alcohol abuse, and also marital and relationship problems, with reports of domestic violence and non-payment of child support for actress Denise Richards.

CBS and Warner Bros. fired him from his role in Two and a Half Men in March, 2011, and the actor returned to television a year later with the series Anger Management.

[Featured Image by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]