‘Dragon Ball Super’ Explains Master Roshi’s Inclusion In U7 Team As Epic New Universe Survival Teaser Releases

This week has seen a number of interesting new developments in Dragon Ball Super. After the ongoing power level inflation was addressed by one of the popular anime’s producers, the participation of Master Roshi, arguably the most controversial member of the Universe 7 team, has also been explained. Apart from this, a new teaser for the Universe Survival Arc has also been released, and it is no less than epic. If any, the new preview appears to be teasing the fighters who would be teaming up in the upcoming Tournament of Power.

First off, Master Roshi’s participation in the upcoming multiverse tournament has been officially addressed by DBS Producer Hiroyuki Sakurada, who assured viewers and avid fans of the acclaimed anime that there is more to the aged fighter than his extremely old age. In an interview with Japanese publication ManTan, Sakurada stated that Master Roshi’s involvement in the upcoming battle royale makes perfect sense.

“The Turtle Sennin is strong. Is (his strength) not like Kame or Krillin’s unique success?”

In a lot of ways, Sakurada’s statement rings true. After all, Master Roshi has tons of experience in fighting, being Goku’s first teacher since the franchise debuted more than 30 years ago. However, Sakurada did state that Master Roshi would not be experiencing a sudden power-up similar to that displayed by Android 17 when he went toe to toe against Super Saiyan Blue Goku. Thus, for all intents and purposes, Master Roshi would be just as strong as he was back in his Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z days.

Sakurada, however, also assured fans that Master Roshi’s inclusion in the Universe 7 team was not done by accident, as it was the franchise’s creator, Akira Toriyama himself, who came up with the idea that the ancient fighter be reintroduced into the anime’s forefront. Overall, it would be interesting to see how Master Roshi would play a part in the upcoming Tournament of Power, as his experience would most likely play a role in the final results of the multiverse battle royale.

In other Dragon Ball Super news, a new preview for the Universe Survival Arc has been released, and it appears to be teasing some interesting team-ups that might transpire when the Tournament of Power finally gets underway. Needless to say, numerous fans of the iconic franchise have managed to get extremely excited.

The trailer, which featured clips set to Dragon Ball Super‘s current opening theme, showed a montage of each warrior fighting for the Universe 7 team. Each of the 10 fighters was depicted fighting memorable battles, from Dragon Ball Z to Dragon Ball Super, according to a ComicBook report. Android 17 and 18 were featured in scenes from DBZ‘s Android saga, while Gohan was featured fighting Evil Buu in his Mystic form. Even Master Roshi, Tien and Krillin were also featured in clips from previous episodes of Dragon Ball Super.

Notably, the grouping of the 10 Universe 7 fighters has managed to attract the interest of the franchise’s avid fans. Based on the recently-released Universe Survival Arc teaser, it appears that Android 17 and Android 18, as well as Gohan and Piccolo, would be fighting as a tag team, Tien, Krillin, and Master Roshi would be fighting as a three-man group, while the rest would be fighting solo. Considering the background of each fighter, the apparent groupings in the preview appear to make perfect sense.

Dragon Ball Super is arguably in its most ambitious saga since its manga debuted more than 30 years ago. While the anime had taken its time over the past few weeks with each U7 fighter getting a dedicated episode, it appears that the anime is preparing to raise the tension in the next few weeks. The recently-released trailer seems to be proof that soon, the Universe Survival Arc would get more intense.

The epic new Dragon Ball Super Universe Survival Arc teaser could be viewed below.

[Featured Image by Toei Animation]