The Bachelor’s Chris Soules Says He Did Not Flee Fatal Crash, Has History Of Driving Drunk

The Bachelor’s Chris Soules and his high-powered team of lawyers have put out a statement, and in it, they are saying that he did not flee the scene of the fatal accident he was involved in. The claim that Soules fled the scene was widely reported in media outlets like TMZ.

But Chris and his team are saying that’s all false. In the statement, they put forward an alternate telling of how it all went down. They say that Chris actually tried to resuscitate the victim and was the one who called 911. The 911 call was eventually circulated in the media as well.

“Soules’ 911 call, released yesterday, proved that the initial knee-jerk coverage of this accident was incorrect. While initial reports suggested Soules fled the scene, the 911 call confirms that Soules in fact was the one who contacted law enforcement immediately, ” the statement read, as reported by US Weekly. “During the call, [Soules] he clearly identified himself and explained his role in the terrible accident. Soules attempted to resuscitate Mr. Mosher and remained on the scene with him until emergency medical personnel arrived.”

As Inquisitr previously reported, Chris Soules’ pickup truck rear-ended a tractor near Aurora Iowa. The force of the collision careened both vehicles off the road and into a nearby ditch. The former Bachelor star was later arrested at his home for allegedly fleeing the scene of the accident. The driver of the other vehicle, Kenneth Mosher, died at the hospital. He was 66 years old.

“His attorneys are confident that once all the evidence is made public, it will show Soules acted reasonably and did everything in his power to provide aid to Mr. Mosher,” the statement continues.”Due to the nature of the pending charges, neither Soules nor his counsel will be making any statements at this time. Soules and his family request that their privacy and the privacy of Mr. Mosher’s family is respected. Everyone in this close-knit farming community is mourning Mr. Mosher’s passing. Soules offers his sincere condolences to the Mosher family.”

As Inquistr also previously reported, Soules had received support from an unlikely source when a relative of the victim spoke about the crash and called it a “freak accident.”

“I believe it was a very tragic, sad accident that took the life of a guy that was just coming home from work,” Robert Roepke, Mosher’s father-in-law said in an interview. “This is corn planting time, the best time of the year for a farmer. Kenny was working on one of the farms just a little north of Aurora and I think he was just coming home. For Chris, what happened was just a freak accident.”

Soules has a dark history of driving under the influence. According to a report on Radar Online Soules was arrested for a DUI in November 2005 after he was found asleep behind the wheel of his car, and he smelled of alcohol.

“The Fayette County Sheriff’s Office received a report of a subject passed out behind the wheel of his car,” the officer wrote in his report. “Upon my arrival the vehicle was running and the defendant asleep behind the wheel.”

Chris Soules, who rose to fame after a stint as the star of The Bachelor Season 19, was arrested at the time after he failed three sobriety tests and registered a blood alcohol level of over 0.8.


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