‘Survivor: Game Changers’: Debbie Talks CBS Edits, Her Fight With Brad, And Why Varner ‘Deserves’ Forgiveness

Survivor: Game Changers sent the woman of many professions, Debbie Wanner, to the jury after she bragged that “the strong six” would never flip sides. Sarah decided to vote with the other side and target Debbie after she was deemed untrustworthy.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Debbie’s biggest struggle was her overconfidence. Survivor winner John Cochran warned her about being too trusting with her alliance. In the end, Wanner didn’t listen to Cochran’s advice, and it ended badly for her on Survivor: Game Changers.

Debbie reveals the scoop on the successful blindside that took her out of the game, her fight with Brad Culpepper, her role in Ozzy’s exit, and Jeff Varner.

Debbie explained that when you are on Survivor and you see your name written down once, it’s a “wake-up call” that you could be voted off. When you see it two or more times, you realize that you are in real trouble.

“As confident and comfortable as you speak, you say a lot out there. It’s always in the back of everyone’s head — it could be me. But you want to come across with some bravado, confidence, which is a very thin line from cocky, arrogant.,” Wanner explained.

“So the first time I saw my name I thought, here we go. Perhaps somebody in my alliance did flip.”

Debbie admitted that her fight with Brad might have been “faked.” She was close to him, and the tribe was plotting to take him out. She decided to take the focus off him by having a massive meltdown. Wanner admitted that she “may have” went too far.

“A scene that didn’t make TV was Ozzy and I going over the mountain and having a conversation and Ozzy had targeted Brad and Sierra,” Debbie explained.

“And that is why Ozzy had to go because they were my two absolute closest allies at that point in the game. It was really a joint decision. Tai had wanted Ozzy out because he was such a tremendous challenge [player], so it was pretty unanimous amongst the group that I was working with. It was me [who] got the air time. I must have said it best.”

She isn’t sure why CBS gave her credit for plotting to take Ozzy out, but it really wasn’t just her — the whole alliance wanted him out, Reality TV World reported. Personally, she said that she likes Lusth, but in the game of Survivor, Ozzy is a dangerous competitor.

Wanner admitted that when Jeff Varner outed Zeke Smith as transgender that she felt uncomfortable by it. She felt that Varner had “no right” to reveal such personal information about someone without their consent.

“Varner was under all the duress and stress that I mentioned earlier. And he was desperate to stay in the game.”

Debbie added that even though Jeff had no right to reveal such private information on television, Varner doesn’t deserve the hate he’s faced on social media. Warner said that Jeff Varner was under stress and felt like there was no way to stay in the game. It was his third time playing Survivor, and he really wanted to win.

“To those people out there who think that they have an absolute right to crucify Jeff Varner, let me say that you don’t. You never played,” Debbie stated.

“You are not without guilt or sin or wrong yourself, so you don’t have a right to crucify the man. Everybody makes mistakes. And he deserves to be forgiven.”

Survivor: Game Changers fans, were you surprised that Sarah flipped and voted Debbie out of the game? Who do you think will be voted out next? Will the Survivor fans ever forgive Jeff Varner for outing Zeke’s transgender status?

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