Jana Duggar Dubbed ‘Sex Symbol’ As Courting Rumors Swirl

Jana Duggar is always the bridesmaid, never the bride. Rumors of a courtship involving the eldest daughter have circulated for years. High profile names mixed with familiar faces have been tied to Jana over the last few months, all of them just wishful thinking. She is busy helping her mother with the other children in the family and focusing on renovating the building she recently purchased. As all of the chatter regarding Jana Duggar and her rumored courtships was finally dying down, new photos were shared.

There has never been any question about the beauty of Jana Duggar. She is a very pretty young lady, often noticed by her male fans. Although she isn’t in the spotlight too much anymore, when photos are shown of the oldest Duggar daughter, there are plenty of comments regarding her appearance. According to a report from the Hollywood Gossip, Jana Duggar is being called a “sex symbol” by her male fans. Of course, this will not go over well with Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar. Sex is a topic that has been forbidden to be discussed or thought about by the unmarried children, and it has also come back to bite them in the form of Josh Duggar. With plenty of male admirers out there, Jana could easily find a husband.

Lawson Bates and Tim Tebow have both been linked to Jana Duggar over the last few years. Most recently, fans have been talking a lot about a Bates and Duggar courtship. The families have been friends for years with many of the children getting along just as well. Both have shows on television about their family and apparently that lead to speculation that Jana and Lawson could be keeping a courtship secret. As it turns out, that is not the case at all. Tim Tebow was brought up recently also. When a new photo of Duggar surfaced from a conference the family was at, fans were insistent she should be dating Tebow. While it would be a perfect match for public relations and ratings, it isn’t something either of them are interested in.

Courting isn’t always on the agenda for Jana Duggar. She has given several interviews and has acknowledged she has had courtship offers, but never accepted them. There are some rumors circulating that none of the suitors have been able to pass Jim Bob’s rigorous vetting process, but Jana maintains she was simply not interested. She has been focused on renovating the building she bought so that she can really move into her career. The project has been kept secret, but it is speculated to revolve around interior design. Duggar has always had a knack for decorating the family home and the homes her sisters have moved into with their husbands.

Counting On will be returning in a few weeks with new updates from the siblings, including Jana Duggar. She has been helping Joy-Anna Duggar plan her wedding, and she was also present for the birth of Jessa and Ben Seewald’s new arrival, Henry. Jana is always helping her siblings, which means she sacrifices a lot of the time she could be working on her project. It has been said that Jana’s heart is that of a servant. She has been an incredible asset to her parents with the younger siblings, which seems to have become somewhat of her duty. Duggar is always seen working with the little ones or helping in the kitchen during the holidays.

Fans have been waiting for courting news regarding Jana Duggar for years. It isn’t a top priority in her life, and she isn’t going to settle for someone she doesn’t believe was sent to her by God. When the time is right, Jana Duggar will marry off and join her sisters as a wife and mother.

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