‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Spoilers: Maggie Is Shocked By Meredith’s Big Secret

Grey’s Anatomy spoilers reveal that Meredith Grey is about to enter some major drama with her half-sister, Maggie Pierce. The two women, who are currently living together in the house that once belonged to their mother, are in for a big confrontation when the show returns to ABC on Thursday night.

As many Grey’s Anatomy fans know, Meredith has been secretly dating and hooking up with Dr. Nathan Riggs. The couple have been keeping their unusual relationship quiet due to the fact that Meredith’s sister, Maggie, admitted to having strong feelings for him in the not-so-distant past. Instead of telling Maggie the truth about the entire situation, Meredith made the choice to hide the relationship from her, but that cat is out of the bag now. Maggie has read the signs, and she knows that her sister and the man she’s crushing on have been hiding a big secret from her. Of course, Meredith will confess to the whole thing, but Maggie is not about to let her sister off easy.

According to Wetpaint, a new sneak peek from Thursday night’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy reveals that Maggie is going to hold a grudge against her big sister when she finds out about the relationship. Maggie will ask Meredith if she and Nathan joined the mile-high club and if he’s a good kisser. Meredith stays calm while speaking with the obviously hurt Maggie and offers to go somewhere more private to have the discussion. However, Maggie is done with her passive-aggressive interrogation and leaves before anything more can be said.

As Grey’s Anatomy viewers know, Maggie is in a dark place in her life at the moment. The only mother she’s ever known has tragically died from cancer, and Maggie is angry and looking to place blame. Having a fight with Meredith may actually distract her from the pain of mourning her mother.

Actress Kelly McCreary, who plays Maggie on Grey’s Anatomy, recently revealed to TV Guide that the anger is more more about the situation and less about Meredith and Nathan’s relationship.

“It’s not about Meredith taking the boy Maggie had a crush on. Maggie has experienced something [her mother’s death] that makes that sort of trivial at this point.”

McCreary also told TV Line that Meredith and Maggie could end up coming out of the entire situation stronger, but it will be a challenge for the sisters.

“In a relationship that you’re committed to because you love each other unconditionally, the way that family does, challenges can sometimes make you stronger.”

As Grey’s Anatomy Season 13 begins to wind down, fans have noticed that Maggie has had a really bad year. She’s been very unlucky in love, nothing spectacular has really happened in her career, and she has lost the most important person in her life, her mom. Viewers are hoping that poor Maggie will no longer be the victim when Season 14 begins airing later this year. Hopefully, she can turn her struggles around and get out of the slump she’s been in during the course of the current season.

Meanwhile, it seems that everyone is talking about the big Grey’s Anatomy Season 13 finale. Spoilers are rolling in, and the show’s creator, Shonda Rhimes has revealed that finale will be on fire. It seems that Shonda means that literally as it appears a fire will be apart of the storyline for the finale. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Jo’s abusive ex-husband could also be rolling in to town and may even get a job at Grey Sloan Memorial. It looks like fans have a lot to look forward to in the upcoming weeks.

What are your thoughts on the latest Grey’s Anatomy spoilers? Are you excited to see how the end of Season 13 plays out?

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