‘Arrow’ Season 5 On Netflix In June

Arrow fans won’t need to wait too long for Season 5 to come to Netflix. With the announcement of the season finale date, it’s possible to work out when the whole season will be available to stream online. Netflix will definitely get Arrow Season 5 in June of 2017.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Arrow will air its season finale on May 24, 2017. It will be one of the last shows to wrap in May, followed by The 100 Season 4. With the latest Netflix deal where CW shows will be available for streaming eight days after, that means the whole of Season 5 will come to the streaming service on June 1, 2017.

Netflix hasn’t yet confirmed this. However, The Vampire Diaries and Legends of Tomorrow were both made available eight days after their series and season finales respectively.

Warning: There are spoilers about Arrow Season 5 from this point.

Season 5 of the original Arrowverse show has been widely anticipated. Throughout the last few years, fans have watched Oliver’s new life unfold, with sets of flashbacks to help explain the things that happened on the island. Each season has been one year of his time on the island, and this season has finally seen his induction into Russia’s Bratva. It won’t be too surprising to hear that the flashbacks will round up to the show’s pilot episode by the finale.

It appears that the flashbacks will disappear in their current form from Season 6 (which is already confirmed), since Oliver’s time on (and mostly off) the island is coming to an end. While there may be other types of flashbacks — fans have seen flashes of other character’s pasts through some flashbacks — there may not be as many moving forward.

However, Arrow Season 6’s storyline is being set up during the Season 5 finale. Fans will finally see the Prometheus arc come to an end, which has been both exciting and unpredictable.

There will likely be the loss of a team member during the season finale. It’s unclear who, as there have been no talks of an actor leaving the show as yet. Fans just hope that it won’t be either Felicity or Diggle (and of course, it can’t be Oliver Queen!) as they have been the constants from the very beginning. Some people theorize that it will be Wild Dog who fans will need to say goodbye to or even Quentin Lance.

The good news is that Katie Cassidy will be back full time from next season. She will take up her role as Black Siren, possibly joining Team Arrow with Deathstroke and Nyssa al Ghul.

Nyssa will return in the Arrow Season 5 finale, according to FanSided. She will be there to battle against her half-sister Talia, who is currently working with Prometheus.

Prometheus is arguably the best villain Arrow has seen. He is smart and cunning. Rather than aim to kill Oliver, he has wanted to break him down and make the world turn against him. All his actions come from things that Oliver has done in the past, creating a villain without even meaning to or even realizing.

The title of the finale is “Lian Yu,” and it isn’t surprising that the team will find themselves back on the island. At least, some of them will. Oliver needs to turn to people he has previously imprisoned on the island, including Deathstroke, to take down Prometheus.

Fans should expect a cliffhanger ending for the season finale. The CW has already confirmed Season 6, so it would make sense to end unfinished to allow a story to continue and draw people in.

For those who have missed a few episodes or want to watch them back-to-back, there isn’t long to wait for the show to be available in full for streaming. Put June 1 in the diaries for Arrow Season 5 on Netflix.

[Featured Image from The CW]