‘Teen Mom OG’s’ Ryan Edwards Threatens Maci Bookout, ‘I Want To Strangle Her!’ He Says

Teen Mom OG’s Maci Bookout and ex Ryan Edwards have been doing a great job of co-parenting as of late, so viewers were surprised to see him threaten to choke the mother of his child on a recent episode of the series.

In the last episode, Ryan Edwards is seen getting angry at Maci for “taking him to Texas” for Thanksgiving the year prior. However, most courts appoint holiday schedules, and one would assume that Maci and her ex have already worked out a visitation schedule that is amenable to both of them. However, it doesn’t appear this is the case, which may, in the end, make things rougher for both of them.

But Ryan Edwards isn’t having any of it when he speaks to his now-fiancee Mackenzie Standifer.

“Hopefully Maci won’t be a punk this year and let me have Bentley since she took him to Texas last year,” he says in the clip.


While Ryan Edwards sits with Mackenzie in a restaurant, he asks Maci if he can take Bentley with them this Thanksgiving. She answers, via text, that he’s going with herself, husband, and two other children to celebrate the holiday with her family.

“She’s just so unfair, it’s just, I want to strangle her,” he tells Mackenzie.

Mackenzie looks to be fully supportive of Maci in the video, trying to keep her man in check. According to Maci, the pair get along well and are supportive of one another, especially since Mackenzie has a child from a previous relationship and understands co-parenting with an ex.

Although Ryan Edwards makes these violent threats toward his ex, his new fiancee gives him a look to indicate she doesn’t feel what he is saying is appropriate. When Ryan Edwards calls her a punk, she disagrees with him, telling him not to say things like that, though Ryan disagrees and thinks there are “worse things he could call her.”

Maci has revealed in a recent interview with Wetpaint that because Ryan Edwards can be so difficult at times, she sometimes prefers to communicate directly through Mackenzie. The pair get along so well that Mackenzie was even invited to Maci and Taylor McKinney’s wedding and Maci has said that if she needs someone to throw her a bachelorette party for her nuptials to Ryan Edwards, she is ready and willing to do so.

In Maci’s interview, she says that Ryan Edwards isn’t 100% where they need him to be, but is doing much better when it comes to co-parenting.


Recently, however, Mackenzie Standifer has taken to Twitter to express her displeasure in the way she and Ryan Edwards have been portrayed on the television show, blasting it as fake. She was particularly upset that the pair were shown to be late to take Bentley trick-or-treating. Because Ryan Edwards turned up so late the year before, she attempted to to ensure that her husband-to-be was on time for the special night this year. But due to being caught in traffic, the pair were about five minutes late, to which Mackenzie said they were portrayed to look like they shuffled in with a blasé attitude about the whole thing.

“5 minutes late… whoop-dee-frickin’-do,” Mackenzie Tweeted about her and Ryan Edwards not showing up to the Halloween festivities on time.

She also went on to say that things are twisted to make her “look s**tty” and that she strives to be “100% truthful and honest.”

However, those who watch Teen Mom OG can see rather clearly that Mackenzie Standifer is a great influence on Ryan Edwards and that she helps make co-parenting run more smoothly between the pair, despite objections Ryan may have about Maci’s parenting style.

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