‘Survivor: Game Changers’ Jeff Probst Talks Cirie Overcoming Her Fears And Sarah Swiping The Game Advantage

Survivor: Game Changers host Jeff Probst said that he has watched Cirie play the game many times, but on last night’s episode, it captured why she is a fan favorite. Sarah being a police officer has to be observant at all times, not only to do her job correctly but to maintain her safety. Entertainment Weekly shared that those skills proved to be helpful when she spotted a game advantage and quickly grabbed it without anyone seeing her.

“That moment with Cirie is my favorite moment of the season and one of my favorite moments in my entire time on Survivor because of what it represents,” Jeff said.

“Cirie is a very bright woman, great at strategic manipulation, incredibly likable, and from all accounts an amazing mother and wife. But Cirie is not a world class athlete. She was struggling in the water, clinging onto the side of a platform that she simply could not climb onto. As it became apparent that the challenge was going to be won by the other group, the more interesting story became Cirie’s struggle.”

Probst explained that it wasn’t about if Cirie could get on that platform, it was about helping her achieve her original goal from 12 years ago when she went from the couch in her living room to Survivor so she could see what she was capable of achieving. However, Jeff said that to make that happen, she needed her tribemates to help her. For a brief moment, it wasn’t about the game anymore; it was about a human helping another.

“Survivor is about pushing the boundaries, and this was simply too strong of an opportunity to let slip past,” Probst revealed.

“So I made the decision for Cirie. By turning to her and offering to stay here until she finished, even though it had no bearing on the outcome, Cirie faced a giant decision. Do I give up or push myself? And Cirie didn’t hesitate, she dug in and found another gear. Make no mistake, she was still just as afraid and just as exhausted, but whatever drives Cirie took over and there would be no turning back.”

The Survivor host said that Sarah was the first person to come to help Cirie. And, Jeff added that she wasn’t prompted to do so —she just wanted to help her tribemate.

“In this case, it was Cirie — doing it for her kids, doing it to inspire others, and ultimately doing it for herself.,” Probst said. “Consciously or not, she was further exploring her central question: “What am I capable of achieving?” It was beautiful to witness. I won’t soon forget it.”

According to Yahoo, Probst added that the part they never expected in the reward challenge was for Michaela to be sitting out and angry she wasn’t selected. Jeff added that Michaela’s biggest issue in the game is her inability to keep calm and not react to everything that gets to her.

In Survivor’s April 26 episode, it was no different. Michaela could have received a game advantage if she had been more observant. Instead, Sarah, the one who without question, went to help Cirie complete the challenge, saw the advantage and swiped it without anyone seeing her.

“First, she spotted it… then looked around at how she would pull it off… then took off her shoe. What?!! Amazing! Within seconds she had figured out it was an advantage, which she would swim over to it and hide it… in her shoe,” Probst said.

“Incredible gameplay for sure and some might also say “instant karma.” The woman who went out to support a fellow human was rewarded. The woman who sat on the bench and complained lost out.”

Cirie completing the challenge was inspirational and touching to watch. Tai was right when he told her that her family would be so proud of her for conquering her fears.

Survivor: Game Changers airs Wednesday nights on CBS.

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