‘Teen Mom 2’s Jenelle Evans’ Ex, Courtland Rogers, Spills On His Secret Meeting With Barb

Jenelle Evans and her mother, Barbara, have spent the last season feuding over the custody of Jenelle’s eldest son, Jace. Being unable to take care of him due to her drug addiction, Jenelle Evans signed custody over to her mother, who has had him ever since. Moreover, while Barbara has told Jenelle he would go back to living with her full-time once she cleaned up her life, she isn’t letting go of her grandson that easily.

Recently, reports revealed that she met with Jenelle’s ex, Courtland Rogers, behind Jenelle’s back, and some worried this was to plot against Jenelle at their upcoming custody meeting. However, Rogers has a different side to the story.


“My niece goes to the same school as Jace and they’re in the same class. I was picking her up from school and Barbara had her window down and asked how I was doing. It was a good conversation. God put her there at that specific time. There was no hidden agenda. She was very respectful through the whole thing. At the end of the day, I had respect for her and she had respect for me,” he said.

According to Rogers, the pair didn’t even discuss Jenelle Evans.

In November of 2015, the star’s former husband was arrested for heroin possession. Since he was a repeat offender, he was not eligible for early release. However, he managed to do so by participating in a rehab program that offered a supervised exit from jail.

“Been dreaming about this day for a longgggggg time now,” he wrote on his Twitter the day he was released.

Jenelle Evans’ former husband has been drug-free since September 11, 2013.

While some thought he may try to win Jenelle Evans back, it seems that isn’t really part of his plan, though he has let on that he has regrets about their relationship.


“When we tried it out, we were both high. If I loved her that much on drugs, I could only imagine how it would be if we were sober,” he said.

He said he wishes he could give the relationship another chance, but knows that logically, that isn’t part of the plan.

“I see her living her life with David and she looks happy. At the end of the day, that’s all I ever wanted for her,” he said.

Both were arrested in April of 2013 for heroin possession and domestic assault, meaning they probably aren’t the best for one another.

Meanwhile, Jenelle Evans is living in domestic bliss with fiance, David Eason, and their newborn daughter, Ensley. While she is still battling it out for Jace to live with her full-time, she recently explained that she doesn’t watch Jace to “pick a side” between her and her mother.

“Jace doesn’t have a ‘side.’ He loves me and my mother equally and that will never change. I’m ok with that, too. I tell Jace and explain that me and my mom try to get along, but sometimes it just doesn’t work out. I don’t argue or even raise my voice in front of him anymore. If she makes me frustrated, I’ll simply hang up—no need for all of that extra stress,” she said.

In a recent interview, she also dished about how David is an amazing man and why the pair are so incredibly happy together.

“David is such a humble man and has never disrespected me. He can handle me so well. He treats my boys as if they were his own and that’s all I ever wanted for me and my family,” she said.

Jenelle Evans and her mother are scheduled to appear in court later in May.

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