Christian Arroyo: The Heartwarming Reaction To The New SF Giants’ First Home Run

Yesterday’s 4-3 win for the Giants over the Dodgers was certainly memorable from a fan perspective, but you’d be hard-pressed to find someone more jazzed about the 10-inning showdown than Christian Arroyo, the 21-year-old phenom the San Francisco Giants called up from Fresno just earlier this week to play third base. In fact, hearing the full extent of just how shocked and happy Arroyo and his family were after the monster slam will warm your heart and make the victory against the Giants’ rivals all the more meaningful.

Arroyo himself is flabbergasted that he managed to hit the ball over the fence.

“I’ve never been a home run guy,” he told reporters. “When I hit it, off the bat, I thought it was a double, so I was kind of sprinting around the bases. As I was sprinting around first base, I kind of looked up and saw the fielder stop. I saw the umpire waving, and I was like ‘Now you can slow down.’ I started rounding second, and I tried to slow down and take it all in. I looked into the stands and stuff and realized what had just happened. It was a pretty special moment.”

It is probably impossible to fathom just how unreal that moment must have been for Christian Arroyo, as he had probably been dreaming of an episode like that his whole life, and, as he said, did not believe it would ever happen. That excitement is probably enhanced a little further by the fact that Arroyo’s extra effort resulted in two RBIs and a win over the Giants’ blue-and-white nemeses.

Just the fact that Christian Arroyo is finally in “The Show,” as of Tuesday, is a pipe dream come true to much of Christian’s family. In the case of Arroyo’s mother, the rookie revealed in an absolutely heartwarming account, the news seemed literally unbelievable at first.

Apparently, reported SF Gate, when Christian called her and told her that he had just been called up to the San Francisco Giants, Mrs. Arroyo had thought he must be pulling her leg.

“She didn’t believe me,” Arroyo told the press in his recap of the call.

“It took her a solid five minutes to believe me. She kept saying, ‘You’re lying, you’re lying, you’re lying.’ I said, ‘No, I’m not.’ Eventually, she said, ‘Oh, that’s amazing’ and started crying.”

Now that Christian Arroyo is off to such a stellar start as a big-leaguer, he and his family are simply elated.

“It’s kind of surreal at this moment,” mused Arroyo. “Still just trying to take it all in. But at the same time, I know I’m up here to help the team win. So I’m going do the best I can do to help this team win and get this team rolling again.”

SF Giants Rookie
The baby-faced Christian Arroyo gives the customary gesture after rounding the bases. [Image by Jeff Chiu/AP Images]

They are not the only ones happy about the fact that Arroyo is starting off his career with a bang, either. Giants manager Bruce Bochy admits that his team has been hard-up for offense lately and says Christian Arroyo may be just the shot in the arm they need.

“We have a need right now. We’re challenged offensively here a little bit. So we need another guy to help out,” Bochy said when asked about the addition of Christian Arroyo to the lineup.

“The way he’s swinging the bat certainly made us push this move probably a little sooner than we were thinking,” he added, referring to Christian Arroyo’s fantastic performance in the minor leagues. “When you struggle a little bit the way the team’s been struggling, sometimes you try to shake things up, too.”

And then, of course, there are the Giants fans, who would surely love to see another young face who can bring some added life to the organization.

What do you see in Christian Arroyo’s future? Is he the next face of the Black-and-Orange, or a one-hit wonder (although technically he has two hits so far)?

[Featured Image by Chris Carlson/AP Images]