Josh Duggar Isn’t Helping Pregnant Anna At All, According To Family Insider

Josh Duggar and his wife, Anna, are still working on rebuilding their marriage, but Josh reportedly isn’t doing his fair share of work around the house. According to a Duggar family insider, Josh has repaid Anna’s forgiveness by shirking his fatherly responsibilities.

After Josh confessed to cheating on his wife and having multiple accounts on the extramarital affair-enabling Ashley Madison website, Anna decided not to divorce him. Many Duggar fans hoped that Josh would at least make an attempt to make Anna believe that she made the right decision, but a source close to the Duggar family claims that Josh has does little to prove that he’s going to be a better husband to his pregnant wife from now on.

“Now that he’s back, he’s not really helpful with the kids,” the insider told Radar Online. “Having four with one on the way is incredibly stressful and a ton of work, and just Josh isn’t really a help at all.”

Soon after Josh Duggar’s adulterous online activities became public knowledge, he checked himself into a Bible-based recovery center, and there he remained for over six months. Anna and her four children, Mackynzie, 7, Michael, 5, Marcus, 3, and Meredith, 1, stayed at Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s roomy compound in Arkansas while Josh was gone. Life was somewhat easier for Anna at her in-law’s house because there were plenty of babysitters around, and it’s reportedly been a struggle for her to adjust to caring for a quartet of kids on her own.

“It’s just tough because before Josh was home, she was living with the whole family and had all the girls’ help at the house.”

However, Anna Duggar’s childcare wasn’t completely free: She repaid her in-laws by scrubbing their toilets. In a June, 2016, birthday tribute video for Anna, Jana and Joy-Anna Duggar praised their sister-in-law for having a “servant’s heart.” The Counting On stars then proceeded to list some of the many chores that Anna was doing for her husband’s family.

“Taking the kids to the park, doing our dishes, laundry, cleaning the bathrooms,” Jana said.

“Doing the dirty work that no one wants to do,” Joy-Anna added.

When Anna wasn’t busy doing the Duggar family’s housework, she was preparing for Josh Duggar’s return from rehab. An insider told In Touch Weekly that she spent a lot of time trying to change her appearance in hopes that it would make her husband happy.

“She lost a bunch of weight… [But] she still feels insecure,” the insider said. “She’s been going nonstop, not only exercising but getting their house ready for him, like he’s a hero returning from war. It’s really sad.”

Anna allegedly believed that Josh would be less likely to cheat again if he found her appearance pleasing when he got back home. However, she soon discovered that using exercise to alter her looks wasn’t enough to save her marriage. After he left rehab in March, 2016, Josh’s family released a statement saying that he would “continue professional counseling.” Josh is reportedly receiving this counseling from “a family pastor,” not a licensed professional counselor.

“It’s religious counseling, so it’s not like he’s getting actual help for his issues,” Radar Online‘s source said.

While Josh Duggar is keeping himself busy talking to his pastor and selling using cars, Anna is preparing for the birth of their fifth child. As Us Weekly reports, the couple shared their pregnancy news last month, and they revealed that Anna is pregnant with a baby boy.

“As we continue our journey as a family and rebuild our lives, we are delighted to share with you that we are expecting a new baby boy later this year,” Josh and Anna said. “Beauty comes from ashes and we cannot wait to see and kiss the face of this sweet new boy!”

The couple hasn’t revealed Anna’s due date, but Radar‘s Duggar family insider suggested that their pregnancy announcement would have come much sooner if Josh hadn’t been temporarily banned from getting intimate with his wife. As part of his “treatment,” Josh was allegedly told that he had to abstain from sex for a certain amount of time.

“The reason it even took this long for Anna to get pregnant was because they had a wait period before they could have sex,” the source said. “They were in a rebuilding of trust phase. It was only kisses and hugs at first, as part of his therapy.”

As the Inquisitr previously reported, some Duggar fans fear that Josh and Anna expect the arrival of their fifth child to mend their ailing marriage. However, if it’s true that Josh isn’t helping his wife care for their other kids, another mouth to feed with an “M” name may place even more of a strain on the couple’s relationship.

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