April 26, 2017
'Teen Mom 2' Adam Lind Fails Court-Ordered Drug Test, Tests Positive For Meth And Amphetamines

Adam Lind is back in the headlines after reportedly failing a court-ordered drug test.

After allegedly quitting Teen Mom 2 because MTV was making him look like a neglectful parent, Adam Lind has allegedly suffered a major setback in his custody battles against Chelsea Houska and Taylor Halbur.

According to a new report, Houska and Halbur, who each share one daughter with Lind, suspected he was using drugs and took him to court in hopes of proving his bad behavior to a judge.

"[Adam Lind]'s two baby-mamas, Chelsea Houska and Taylor, (as well as some of the MTV crew) suspected that Adam had been using," The Ashley's Reality Roundup reported to readers on April 25. "The ladies reportedly took their suspicions to the court, and eventually got Adam to take a court-ordered drug test."

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As The Ashley's Reality Roundup explained, Adam Lind reportedly failed the first drug test he was given but attempted to write it off as a faulty test. Then, after the court re-tested the same sample for a second time, it was reportedly confirmed that he was positive for methamphetamine and amphetamines.

Because of his alleged drug use, Adam Lind is no longer allowed to spend unsupervised time with his youngest daughter with Halbur, Paislee Mae. As for Aubree, his daughter with Houska, Adam Lind's visitation rights have been supervised for some time.

The outlet also revealed that Adam Lind was charged with exhibition driving in South Dakota on April 17.

In other Adam Lind news, the reality star recently proclaimed he would not be participating in any further seasons of Teen Mom 2 due to his discrepancies with MTV's edits.

"[Adam Lind] has been given so many chances to film while doing positive things with his kids, but he just wastes everyone's time and treats the crew like crap," a source told The Ashley's Reality Roundup earlier this year. "He hasn't been filmed since the time at Aubree's softball game where he told the producer to get out of his face... The crew still contacts him to let him know every time they are filming, but he has yet to ever respond to any of them."

Although Adam Lind will no longer be portrayed as a "bad dad" on the series, he will also be cut out of the money making opportunity the show presents.

"He only gets paid when he films," the source said. "He doesn't make any money unless he shows up in an episode."

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As fans of Teen Mom 2 may recall, Adam Lind has expressed interest in leaving the show and previously announced he was quitting before Season 7. Then, as the show began airing, fans learned that he had, in fact, returned to the show. That said, he reportedly did so because he was contractually obligated to the series.

"[Adam Lind and Jeremy Calvert] signed on for Season 7 and wanted out while filming last season," the source explained to The Ashley. "Neither planned to do any more episodes after that, but MTV kind of pulled a fast one on them and simply extended the season. Instead of the new season being Season 8, it is now Season 7B, which means there were no new contracts signed."

Jeremy Calvert is the second husband of Leah Messer.

"It's unavoidable," the source added. "[Adam Lind and Jeremy Calvert] can't get out of it because they already signed, knowing that it was a possibility that the season would be extended. It happened once before to the cast."

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