Wild Boars Kill ISIS Militants During Bizarre Attack In Iraq

Wild boars attacked and killed three ISIS militants on a farm in Iraq. The story of the bizarre deaths of the Islamic State fighters quickly went viral, prompting some to initially believe the article about the boar attack was nothing more than a social media prank or fake news. But it really happened.

The three ISIS fighters were essentially mowed down by the wild boars in the al-Rashad region, Iraqi News reports. The feral boar are common to the Kirkuk area, just as they are to many areas of the United States.

The Islamic State militants may have been setting up for an ambush when the wild boars emerged from the woods and attacked them.

“Islamic State militants took revenge at the pigs that attacked the farmland,” local news reports about the wild boars attacking the ISIS fighters said.

Exactly how the wild boars killed the presumably armed ISIS militants remains unclear. The Islamic State has been in control of the Kirkuk region of Iraq since 2014. Thousands of area residents fled to refugee camps for safety as the radical Islamic extremist group emerged in their area of the Middle East in 2014, the Daily Mail reports.

ISIS fighters have regularly executed Kirkuk citizens since taking over the city. Those accused of collaborating with American or coalition forces, or who have tried to flee the area and reach refugee camps, are frequent targets of the Islamic State executioners.

Iraqi citizens are pressuring government officials to fight ISIS in the region and force them back out of Kirkuk. For the past six months, the Iraqi military has been embroiled in a battle to retake Mosul. The city has long been the stronghold of the Islamic State.

Wild boars are a close cousin of domesticated pigs. There are four different subspecies of wild boar, all looking similar in both size and appearance, Soft Schools notes. The color of wild boars depends largely upon the habitat where they are found. Native populations of the feral pigs are found in the United States, Europe, Africa, and in parts of Japan, India, Indonesia, and in the far and Middle East.

Although wild boar typically prefer deciduous forests as their habitat, they can also easily survive living in grasslands, taiga, and tropical rainforests. The average lifespan of a wild boar is 10 years unless kept in captivity, where they can live to up to 25 years on average.

The medium-sized feral pigs often grow to be about three to six feet long and up to approximately 39 inches tall. The average wild boar weighs about 350 to 600 pounds. In many regions of the United States, wild boar are considered nuisance animals because of the destruction they do to farm and ranch land and livestock. Due to the nuisance animal label, there is often no designated hunting season for boar and they can be humanely killed almost at will when they pose a threat to life or property.

Wild boars do not live in herds but in groups called “sounders.” A sounder is commonly comprised of about 20 feral pigs. Adult male wild boars are not a part of the sounder. Only sows, female adult boars, and their offspring comprise the living and roaming groups. The only time a male wild adult boar will spend time in a sounder is during the mating season in the fall. A typical litter of wild boar often includes five or six piglets, but large litters comprised of up to 13 piglets have been recorded.

What do you think about the wild boar attack that killed ISIS militants?

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