‘Fairy Tail’ Manga Chapter 533: White Wizard Zeref Delivers A Fatal Blow To Natsu But Will It End The E.N.D?

Chapter 533 of the immensely popular Japanese manga Fairy Tail continues from the transformation of immortal Zeref into the "White Wizard." A powerful being with "infinite magic power" that transcends time, the Dark Mage is now capable of controlling time, but his fight with Natsu isn't over. Given the fact that E.N.D. Natsu won't rest until he has destroyed Zeref, will the battle last till someone dies?

Warning: Manga Fairy Tail Chapter 533 spoilers/recap and 534 speculations ahead.

Chapter 532 of manga Fairy Tail had Zeref exploiting Mavis and sucking out all of her magic that he intended to use for his "Neo Eclipse" spell. He also needed the "Ravines of Time" and had sealed it off, an act which allowed Acnologia to escape. Enraged by the trickery, the Dark Dragon attacked Pegasus and caused everyone inside the flying vessel to lose balance.

The previous chapter confirmed the transformation of Zeref into the "White Wizard." He managed to transform himself into the all-powerful wizard, but Natsu remains determined to end his brother for hurting the First Mage and for harboring intentions of turning back time. However, Zeref's resolve remains absolute as indicated by his utter disregard towards Mavis.

The current chapter of manga Fairy Tail opens with the image of a desolate town that was partially destroyed due to the battle between August and Gildarts. While trying to make their way back to the Fairy Tail Headquarters, the duo sense Zeref's transformation but aren't exactly aware of the same. Fortunately, they meet up with Laxus and the rest of the Fairy Tail Guild. Interestingly, Laxus is still holding Master Makarov. However, he is wrapped up in a cloth. The group informs Gildarts about Mavis' instruction and notes that Acnologia's presence can't be sensed. Warren uses his acute senses to check on other members of the Guild, who remain scattered throughout the region.

The scene shifts to the Fairy Tail Headquarters, where Lucy, Gray, and Happy are still reeling from the shockwave that originated from within their HQ. Although Gray is concerned about Lucy's wellbeing, the latter is still engrossed in the "Book of E.N.D," which was handed to her by Mavis. She is acutely aware of the complexity of the book but is able to decipher that the contents pertain to some "super advanced-level body link magic."

In other words, the "Book of E.N.D" shares a deep connection with Natsu. Moreover, any alterations in the book can have ramifications, positive or negative, on Natsu. Realizing the same, Lucy observes that they need to rewrite the book to save Natsu. However, Gray points out that the book not only runs into hundreds of pages, but each page also contains a "ridiculous" amount of information that is in compressed form. Interestingly, Lucy cleverly points out that they need not rewrite the entire book. Instead, they could merely edit the page that talks about saving Natsu. Hence, the only task that needs to be completed is finding the particular page.

Meanwhile, inside the Fairy Tail Headquarters, Natsu is having a hard time coming to terms with Zeref's transformation as well as Mavis' condition. When Natsu tries to wake her, Zeref points out that she isn't dead. Angered by Zeref's actions, Natsu promises to erase Zeref, but the latter scoffs at the claims, and proclaims that the act is simply beyond the E.N.D's capabilities.

In an attempt to destroy Zeref, Natsu launches "Blaze Dragon King's Demolition Fist" attack. The intensity of the attack not only tears through Zeref, but it blasts a huge hole through the side of the building. Feeling quite smug about the attack, and assuming he defeated Zeref, Natsu apologizes to his grandfather for wrecking the guild. However, E.N.D. Natsu's joy is quite short-lived because soon after the attack, Zeref appears to rematerialize out of thin air. Right before Natsu's eyes, Zeref regains his body completely.

Zeref confirms that it was the power of "Fairy Heart" that allowed him to regenerate. He adds that space and time belong to him, and by combining infinite magic power, he has achieved the pinnacle of magic. Although Zeref's ability regenerate is shocking, what he does to Natsu is even more so.

Zeref calmly proceeds to tear into Natsu with a single punch. As Natsu starts bleeding profusely, Zeref cruelly adds that there is no need to apologize of Makarov because he is already dead. Chapter 533 of manga Fairy Tail ends on a very barbaric and brutal note. With Natsu collapsed on the floor while bleeding from his chest, Zeref calmly proceeds to his next mission.

Chapter 534 of the manga, titled "The Door of Vows," is expected to be released without a break this week. Since Lucy and Gray hold the power to save Natsu, it is unlikely he will die soon. However, with Zeref successfully transforming into an invincible wizard, who will stand up to him? Hopefully, Fairy Tail manga Hiro Mashima offers some clues in the upcoming chapter of the series.

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