Elmo Puppeteer’s Ex-Lover Says Accusers Are In It For The Money

Elmo puppeteer Kevin Clash left Sesame Workshop this month amid allegations from two younger men that he had had inappropriate relationships with them while both were minors, but another former paramour of the voice of Elmo has spoken up to defend the embattled puppetry star.

Elmo puppeteer Kevin Clash was forced to resign when a second accuser popped up, demanding a $5 million settlement for what he alleged was emotional damage resulting from his dalliance with the star. A third accuser also emerged to say he and Clash had had an inappropriate relationship after meeting on a gay chat line.

But yet another of Clash’s alleged former lovers has come forward — though this time, not to sue the star for a large sum of money. Patrick Boursiquot, 23, dated the Sesame Street star for a while, says that the Elmo puppeteer was a “gentleman,” and adds that he believes anyone accusing Clash has dollar signs in their eyes.

Boursiquot met Clash in 2010, and tells the New York Daily News that he feels the Elmo puppeteer is not the predator his accusers have made him out to be, explaining:

“I feel someone who is a liar and a molester will just keep on the pattern. That’s not the type of guy I met … He was straightforward and if I wanted to have sex and have a hookup then that was my choice … But I told him my real age. He knew who I was and I knew who he was.”

Cecil Singleton accuses Kevin Clash

The Long Island man is frank when offering opinion on the Elmo accusers, saying:

“They clearly see this guy as a ticket to get money … He always acted like a gentleman. We always had good times together.”

Bourisquot says he dated Clash on and off over a period of two years.