Kylie Jenner Gets Run Out Off A Vegas Red Carpet By Angry Animal Rights Protesters

Kylie Jenner may have the worst luck of any celebrity. It seems she's always earning backlash for her cosmetics line, or her social commentary, or, as in this case, her fashion sense. The most recent example of that latter criticism comes as Kylie walks the red carpet for a new Sugar Factory opening, an event which draws critics, as well as fans. In the past, Jenner has made public appearances dressed in furs, which some take as an implication that Kylie isn't concerned with the sources of her designer labels. It's an issue animal rights activists take seriously and one they brought to Kylie's attention, as they ran her off a recent Las Vegas red carpet.

Sugar Factory Grand Opening Gets Kylie Jenner Run Out of Town

Anti-fur protests, Kylie Jenner
Anti-fur activists protest an appearance by Kylie Jenner in Las Vegas, Nevada. [Image by Ethan Miller/Getty Images]

People reports that Kylie Jenner was greeted by fans who had been waiting for the model and cosmetics entrepreneur, but the celebrity's fans' excitement couldn't begin to compare with protesters eager to give Jenner a piece of their minds. The 19-year-old waved to fans as she made her way on the red carpet for the Sugar Factory's Las Vegas grand opening.

Kylie wore a form-fitting striped dress and white pumps to the event, but protesters were eager to slam the Keeping Up with the Kardashians personality for her past wardrobe mishaps. Four people emerged from the crowd, calling Kylie out for her history of wearing furs to public events.

"She's got blood on her hands," the small group shouted.

Kylie was quickly ushered inside by friends and, while she made herself available for selfies with fans, sources report that Ms. Jenner remained visibly shaken by the incident.

Following the event, Jenner shared a photo of herself wearing that same striped dress, captioning the image with a black heart emoji, conveying her love for her fans and supporters.

Kylie and sister Kendall Jenner partnered with Sugar Factory in 2015 to create their own signature lollipop line, "Kendall & Kylie." Each pop costs $26, but customers are able to customize their lollipop flavor and handle for that price.

Kylie Jenner Bolsters Fan Support Over Fur Protest With a New Pet

While that small group of protesters called out Kylie for her fur-clad public appearances, Teen Vogue revealed that the model again embraced her love for animals with the purchase of a new pet. Not one to fall in line with the usual choices for pet lovers, Jenner again chose to adopt something unusual: a chicken.

While her choice of a pet chicken may seem unusual, it stems from a long-running joke, which resulted from an incident earlier in her life. Kris Jenner once offered Kylie a pet pig, which was wrapped in a blanket, but, as the pet was presented, Kylie mistook the piglet for chicken. The video of that exchange went viral and fans found the incident endearing.

Kylie herself found humor in it and has often joked about it, referring to a variety of other farm animals as chickens.

Now, the youngest Jenner sister has a real chicken of her own.

Ms. Jenner named the chicken Eddie and, for those wondering, Eddie isn't the average breed of chicken found on most American farms. Jenner's pet is a Silkie Bantam, which is a naturally fluffy breed of chicken.

Jenner has already shared a number of pictures and short videos of Eddie and herself getting acquainted, bonding together through outdoor fun, training sessions, and cuddling. Ms. Jenner also shared pictures of herself cradling the chicken in her arms like a new baby.

Kylie has shared her chicken bonding experiences on Snapchat, but it surely won't be long before Ms. Jenner uploads more to her Instagram account.

Kylie Cosmetics launches the KKW Creme Collection today.

[Featured Image by Ethan Miller/Getty Images]