WWE Rumors: Jeff Hardy Being Traded To 'SmackDown' For AJ Styles, Matt Hardy To Be 'Broken' Again Soon

The WWE Universe has been thrilled about having Jeff and Matt Hardy back with WWE, but WWE officials are planning to disband The Hardy Boyz soon. After weeks of speculation, The Hardys returned to WWE on the grandest stage of them all and won the Raw Tag Team Champions. Despite the WWE Universe chanting "Delete" and "Brother Nero," The Hardy Boyz aren't using their "Broken" gimmick from TNA Wrestling yet.

WWE is currently negotiating the rights to use the gimmick for Matt and Jeff Hardy because they feel that it will gain the company a ton of money in merchandise sales. Thus far, they have been playing themselves on WWE television while feuding with Cesaro and Sheamus heading into WWE Payback on Sunday. However, the expectation is that a deal will be worked out eventually and The Hardy Boyz will be "broken" again soon.

Obviously, there is a ton of money on the table now that Matt and Jeff Hardy are back with WWE. The great thing is that as much as they can make together as a part of the tag team division, both men can do as well, if not better, as singles stars down the road. However, WWE officials may be planning to disband the brothers a lot sooner than the WWE was expecting, which means The Hardy Boyz could be on separate brands soon.

WWE Officials Are Planning to Split Up the Hardy Boyz
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A new report is claiming that there are plans for a potential WWE Draft later this year. Since WWE just had the "Superstar Shakeup," it's going to be some time before more roster changes are made between Raw and SmackDown. There is a good chance that WWE officials could cancel the WWE Draft entirely, but there is a strong possibility that the powers that be will split up The Hardy Boyz if there's a WWE Draft later this year.

It's being said that Matt Hardy would stay and WWE officials would let him run with the "Broken" gimmick on Raw. The powers that be wouldn't want to see Jeff Hardy become underutilized. He would most likely be traded to SmackDown for AJ Styles and become a top babyface for the brand. WWE officials have delayed moving AJ Styles for now, but it's only a matter of time before WWE moves The Phenomenal One to Raw.

The WWE Universe is anxiously awaiting Matt Hardy to become "Broken" on WWE television because there is a lot of potential for him to become a huge character and enter the WWE World Title hunt. WWE officials also realize Jeff Hardy's potential as a babyface, but the powers that be will be more hesitant with him.

Jeff Hardy to Move to SmackDown Eventually
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It has been reported that Jeff Hardy is expected to receive a massive babyface push whenever he begins his singles run. WWE officials pushed him as a main eventer and a top babyface back in 2008 and 2009, which is the evidence that the WWE Universe will support him in that role again. There are many new matches for him to be a part of with the current roster, and he would be relied on to represent the SmackDown brand.

Jeff Hardy has had some issues with WWE's Wellness Policy in the past. He still has two strikes against him, which have carried over to his current run with the company. WWE officials will allow him to work one the two strikes off, but Jeff will need to be a model employee if he's going to be one of WWE's top babyfaces. For now, the WWE Universe needs to wait for TNA and WWE to come to terms, but The Hardy Boyz will be big players for the foreseeable future regardless of if the brothers stay together or are disbanded later this year.

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