Scheana Marie Stays Close To Lala Kent Ahead Of 'Vanderpump Rules' Season 6

Scheana Marie and Lala Kent may have been at odds during Vanderpump Rules Season 5, but months after the show wrapped, they became quite close.

In addition to having one another's back during February's taping of the reunion special, Scheana Marie and Lala Kent have been spending tons of time together in Los Angeles, leading many to wonder whether Kent will return to the show for Season 6.

As fans will recall, Lala Kent announced her exit from Vanderpump Rules in December of last year after facing hurtful rumors regarding her relationship with her boyfriend. Although the name of the mystery man was never revealed, many of Kent's co-stars claimed he was a married man and labeled Kent a "home wrecker."

While Scheana Marie did address the speculation, she later apologized to Lala Kent for saying something about her that was potentially untrue.

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After apologizing to Lala Kent, Scheana Marie immediately faced the wrath of Katie Maloney, who sent her a slew of mean text messages. According to Maloney, she felt Scheana Marie should have stood her ground, and at a party days later, she and Stassi Schroeder came to blows.

Scheana Marie ultimately made amends with Katie Maloney and appeared as a bridesmaid during her August 2016 wedding. However, months later, after filming on Season 5 came to an end, the women had a falling out, and Scheana Marie began growing closer to Kent.

Just this month, Scheana Marie and Lala Kent were seen together a couple of times at SUR Restaurant, where Vanderpump Rules is shot, but when it comes to a Season 6 return to the show, it's hard to say if Kent has changed her mind after announcing her series exit months ago.

"I'm excited for people to watch me exit because it's just going to show a new side of my life and I think it will get to show people who I really am," Lala Kent explained to TooFab. "I watch the show sometimes and I'm like that's not me. I want people to see who I actually hang out with, my day-to-day life. And I never got to show that. I'm excited for people to watch me leave Vanderpump Rules to be quite honest."

"I made it halfway through the season and just decided that I want no part of the people anymore," she revealed. "I feel like they don't deserve to be in my world in any way shape or form. So I dismissed myself."

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On April 24, Scheana Marie returned to her job at SUR Restaurant after spending time in Indio, California, at the Coachella Music Festival and quickly re-tweeted a couple of posts shared by Lala Kent. In addition to a post proclaiming her love for weed, Kent told fans she was ready to conquer Monday.

As for her latest comments about a possible return to Vanderpump Rules, Lala Kent seemed open to the idea just weeks ago.

"It depends. I don't know. It goes day to day… such a fresh wound. We just did the reunion. I'd have to sleep on it — for a few nights," she explained to TooFab.

Scheana Marie and her co-stars haven't officially announced they will be returning to Bravo TV for Vanderpump Rules Season 6, but weeks ago, during an interview with Us Weekly, she seemed to reveal the start date for production while discussing her boyfriend's potential role on the show.

"If we're still together come May and if he wants to, he's welcome to; if he doesn't, I'm OK with that," she said.

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