'Turn: Washington Spies' Season 4 Premiere Date, Poster, And Abe's Fate Spoilers

The fourth and final season of Turn: Washington Spies will return to AMC on June 17 with a two-hour premiere, according to the Hollywood Reporter. The last 10 episodes will be action-packed and emotional, and will showcase new faces as they conclude the series for good.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Turn: Washington Spies showcased Benedict Arnold's treason at West Point, the execution of John Andre, and the spy ring barely surviving when Abraham Woodhull escaped being hanged in Long Island in Season 3. The action will head to Yorktown, the legendary 1783 battle in Virginia that ultimately decided the war.

Turn: Washington Spies showrunner Craig Silverstein said he pitched the final season to AMC in hopes that they would give him a 12- to 16-episode run. They renewed the series but only allowed him 10 more episodes.

"It was really about trying to create a story for the Culpers, who historically were a little more inactive right at the end [of the war]. But the espionage was not [diminished], so it was tying them into that story in a lot of fun ways that I think history lovers will love," Silverstein explained. "And then it was figuring out where we do Yorktown, basically."

Craig said that when Season 4 returns, there will be a small time jump. It will open about one month later, and they will work their way through that year. Turn: Washington Spies spoilers indicate that there will be quite a few time jumps throughout Season 4 that will show the viewers the fate of all involved in the war.

Silverstein added that Yorktown will be the biggest battle they have ever shown in the series. Turn: Wahington Spies spoilers reveal that the fans will see other big battles such as Richmond and Petersburg in Season 4.

Turn: Washington Spies spoilers tease that there will be a new dynamic between Judge Woodhull and Abe in Season 4. Abe isn't an undercover spy anymore, but the father and son will continue to have trouble seeing eye to eye, especially on a political level.

"Like a lot of Loyalists did later in the war, Richard has finally come around to seeing — not the light — but the darkness in all the [British] actions taken to police the state," Silverstein explained.

"The abuses piled up. Those were concentrated in the character of Simcoe and that's what pushed Richard over the edge. Now, he's sort of a member of the ring, in a way, but that doesn't mean that there's not a conflict between Abe and him. Without Hewlett and without Simcoe, Setauket is being run by Capt. Wakefield. It's a much chiller place to be at the beginning of the season."

As for Simcoe, Craig reveals that he will be an active part of Season 4 and will likely become a thorn in Robert Rogers side.

"So we put our two biggest villains together — not that they work extremely well together," Silverstein teased.

As for the women of Turn: Washington Spies, they will go different ways, but eventually, their paths with intertwine with each other.

"Mary and Anna each go on different arcs that intertwine with each other. Through Anna, we actually explore the world of the camp followers: the women who travel along with the army and were a kind of difficult to control bunch that Washington considered a necessary evil," Silverstein explained.

"Peggy obviously had a massive role to play last year in negotiating the turn of Benedict Arnold, but her story's not over yet. And Abigail gets pulled back into intrigue."

Craig said they wrote Turn: Washington Spies in a way to leave it up to the viewer to decide if Benedict Arnold was a unredeemable villain or misunderstood. One thing Silverstein feels confident to say about Arnold is that he felt ignored and dismissed which led to him feeling as if he had to take swift action.

"He gets no respect. He's like the Rodney Dangerfield of the Revolutionary War. But he was massive personal flaws: he's quick to temper, and he still has that central flaw of vanity and greed," Silverstein explained.

"Those are things that bring him down, and send him into a kind of quiet downfall. He doesn't meet a bloody end; he meets an infamous end."
Turn: Washington Spies returns June 17 on AMC.

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