Mila Kunis Makes Her Mom Cry With Surprise Home Makeover

Mila Kunis is proving to be a dedicated daughter as the actress partners with Houzz to give her parents the ultimate gift: a home remodel.

The 33-year-old Bad Moms star revealed the makeover to fans this week, as reported by Today. The site detailed all the updates Mila had a part in designing as she worked to give her parents an amazing and much-appreciated present.

"The actress teamed up with the home company Houzz to makeover her parents' California condo. Not only is the result stunning, but her parents' reaction has us reaching for the tissues."

Kunis spared no detail or expense when it came to renovating parents Mark and Elvira's home. In a YouTube video, Mila discusses the renovations and why she decided it was finally time to upgrade the family home. Mark and Elvira have been living in the California condo since Mila was 9-years-old, and they don't ever plan on moving.

Kunis was quoted as saying the layout and decor reminded her of Miami Vice in the '90s.

"The house kind of looks like "Miami Vice" circa 1994."

She goes on to describe the interior as she made design decisions that resulted in a more open floor plan, according to Today.

"Besides the outdated interior, the layout needed some work too. The kitchen is tucked away between two walls, which makes it feels more like a tiny closet than a family gathering area."

Mila, who was pregnant during the renovation, said she wanted a part in tearing down the wall that isolated the kitchen from the rest of the house.

"I might be nine months pregnant, but if anyone is knocking down that wall, it's me."

However, after one swing, the mother of two decided to hand off the hammer to the professionals. Kunis worked with Los Angeles-based designer Breeze Giannasio to achieve just the right look as she helped pick out new furnishings.

"Kunis and Giannasio added a stunning chandelier, rustic farmhouse table and large sectional sofa to give the space a more modern feel. It's a dramatic makeover, and one that her parents ultimately loved."
Indeed, her parents seemed to be head-over-heels with their new home as her mom was left in awe upon seeing the finished project. Today reports that Mark and Elvira appeared overwhelmed as they stepped into their updated living space.

"The two appeared grateful and overwhelmed with joy when their daughter showed them their new living area."

Kunis can be seen hugging her mom through the tears as the pair check out the renovation. The actress went on to say her parents' home is now much lighter and open, which may mean more family dinners being held in the future.

"There's just so much more air and light in that room, and I think that will translate into their whole life. I definitely think there's gonna be a lot more Sunday dinners there."

Mila's husband, actor Ashton Kutcher, was also involved in the home makeover, as he approved the final project. Kutcher is no stranger to renovations, either, as he had his own mother's basement refinished, according to Today.

"Even Mila's husband Ashton Kutcher, who remodeled his own mom's basement, gave her a thumbs up to the transformation."
Mila's parents aren't the only ones who are infatuated with the design as fans left comments of support on Houzz's Facebook post. One commenter even said the video made them like Kunis and Kutcher more.

"I was already big fans of Mila and Ashton, but this video makes me love them even more! So sweet and love the new condo design!"

Other fans stated it's nice to see Mila helping out her parents as she and Ashton make great role models.

"Mila and Ashton really set great role model for giving back to parents. These episodes are so fun to watch!"

And the comments didn't end there as people continued to offer support for the couple. From saying it was sweet of Mila to renovate the home to complimenting her design job, it seems fans can't say enough good things.

"Very sweet to do this for their parents... Lovely and well done!"

[Featured Image by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]