'Dance Moms' Gianna Martello, Abby's Assistant, Dishes On The Show

Rumors are swirling the Dance Moms is coming to an end, or possibly replacing the Junior Elites with a whole new cast of characters. Fans of the show will know Abby's assistant, Gianna "Gia" Martello, who has worked tirelessly with the girls to help them focus on their dance. As a coach, Gia somehow managed to steer clear of most of the drama. While Gia is often seen in the background reigning in the girls, she also shared special relationships with a few of them.

Gianna Martello has been mentoring the girls of Dance Moms for the past six years, acting as a go-between between Abby and the dancers.

Although it is yet unknown if Dance Moms will continue, and if Gia will be on the show, she sat down with Parade to dish on a few of the show's biggest secrets and her hopes and dreams.

Martello had been training with Abby Lee Miller even before Dance Moms started, and she spoke about what it was like to meet her for the first time.

"She seemed so, so strict, but not mean or scary. She was just a tough coach. And if I was going to really do this, then she was the one I was going to train under," she shared.

Gia also took the time to praise the girls of Dance Moms, saying they often only have a few hours to learn the intricate dances viewers see on the show.

"On the show, it might seem like we have an entire week to learn a routine, where we only have about four hours. These girls are putting dances on stage that we've barely had any time to rehearse."
When asked about Abby Lee Miller, the controversial leader of the group, Gia said that there are a few things that might surprise people about the Dance Moms star.
"She's probably one of the nicest people I know. When I was 12 or 13, she took me to Macy's to buy shoes for an interview. But it was after they closed. She banged on the door, banged on the door and banged on the door until they opened it for her because I needed a pair of shoes."
Gia also said that she was pretty involved with the creative process of Dance Moms, and she was one of the few people to help decide which routines would be done that week and who got the coveted solo. But Gia also hinted that since Abby's departure, she might not remain a Dance Moms fixture.
"I am pretty involved in the creative process. I sit in a creative meeting every week where we decide the routines. We decide who is going to be doing them, what the routine is about, what the music is going to be. And then we go into the rehearsals for a day or two and I create. I am pretty involved to an extent. I'm not going to give it away, but the past week or so I haven't been involved."
Her mentor, Abby Lee Miller, may or may not return to the show if it continues. Though Gia stated she would like five more seasons of Dance Moms, it is possible the Abby won't return due to her sentencing on May 8 for fraud. The former dance coach is facing up to 30 months in prison for hiding up to $800,000 from the federal government.

After Abby left Dance Moms, mentoring of the girls was taken over by Dancing with the Stars' Cheryl Burke, whom the girls seem to absolutely adore. However, the future of the show is currently a mystery.

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