WWE Rumors: WWE Signs One Former Champion From TNA Impact Wrestling, Another On The Way

As Jeff Jarrett attempts to make TNA Impact Wrestling great again, WWE is looking to hurt them in as many ways as possible. The signings of Kurt Angle and the Hardy Boyz were only a few of the big moves that WWE has made over the last three or four years, but they aren't even close to stopping. The company has now signed former TNA Tag Team Champion Crazzy Steve and looks close to making a deal with former TNA TV Champion Gunner as well.

This past Friday, TNA held a night of Impact Wrestling tapings, and it was a former TNA Tag Team Champion's last night with the company. Crazzy Steve has indeed finished up his time with the promotion and has already signed a deal to start with WWE in the near future.

wwe rumors tna impact wrestling crazzy steve gunner former champion tna
[Image by TNA Impact Wrestling]

There has been a lot of speculation and rumors have been flying around that Crazzy Steve left TNA due to feeling undervalued as the Hardy Boyz did. As pointed out by Wrestling Inc., one fan asked Steve about that, and he not only denies the idea but talks up his former company as well.

It isn't yet known what WWE plans to do with Crazzy Steve, but it is likely that he will end up starting out in NXT before hitting the main roster. Forbes actually believes the rumors that WWE is bringing in Crazzy Steve to feud with the Hardy Boyz once they're legally allowed to become "BROKEN" once again.

As Crazzy Steve is prepared and ready to head to WWE, there is another former champion from TNA Impact Wrestling who may be on his way to NXT soon.

Wrestling Inc. has learned that former TNA Television and TNA Tag Team Champion Gunner is taking a physical for WWE soon. If he ends up passing that physical and being signed, Gunner will begin the next stage of his wrestling career in NXT.

wwe rumors tna impact wrestling crazzy steve gunner former champion tna
[Image by TNA Impact Wrestling]

Gunner was a big part of TNA Impact Wrestling for five years before he left the company in June of 2015. Since then, he has continued wrestling on the independent circuit for AML, SFCW, and a few other promotions.

WrestleZone reported that Gunner recently spoke with WSVN-TV about a number of topics and one of them was possibly signing with WWE. He already has his sights set on big-time goals.

"Man, that's a dream of mine. That 5-years old growing up still wants that WrestleMania moment. It's such an awesome company. I'd much rather have an opportunity with NXT or WWE. That's my ultimate goal. Even when I was with TNA guys would ask me and I'd say "The goal is WWE. It's WrestleMania"… I'm only 34, age is not that big of a deal for me anymore."
On an interesting note, Gunner went on to say that if he ends up in NXT, he would like to feud and work with Eric Young. Yes; both of them were together in TNA at the same time, but Gunner said they had "only wrestled probably two or three times" in that span.

In the past week, TNA Impact Wrestling has brought back big-time names such as Scott Steiner, Sonjay Dutt, Low-Ki, and Matt Sydal in hopes of strengthening their roster. That is a smart idea, but the only problem is that WWE continues to find new ways to use talents, and it is building them up too.

Crazzy Steve has already parted ways with TNA Impact Wrestling, and he is heading to WWE in what is a very interesting signing by Vince McMahon. Gunner hasn't been with TNA for almost two years, and he looks like he is possibly heading to NXT to start out his next wrestling chapter. Despite the fact that neither star was in the main event picture, these moves by WWE have and the signings of two former champions have to hurt Jeff Jarrett.

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