Kate Gosselin Called 'Dictator' After Rules For Children Leaked

Kate Gosselin is being criticized once again. She is constantly in and out of the news, making headlines for her bizarre antics and rules regarding her eight children. Her split from Jon Gosselin was highly publicized following their marriage being shown on Jon & Kate Plus 8 on the TLC network. It has since been canceled and reworked to be Kate Plus 8. With all of the struggles of raising multiples being put on television for the world to see, Gosselin has often found herself under fire.

Things have not gotten better between Jon and Kate Gosselin since their divorce. In fact, things are still tense and sometimes a little wacky when it comes to the former couple. According to In Touch Weekly, Kate Gosselin has a dictator-like practice set up for when the children return from their father's house. She reportedly doesn't allow things to be moved from house to house, including clothing and toys. This seems to be a more common practice among split households, especially if the parents aren't on great terms. Gosselin is heavily criticized for the pat-downs she does when the children return home from their time with Jon. She checks for cell phones, electronics, and anything else that could potentially bring harm to the family by recording moments or conversations.

Allegations like this are not shocking for those who follow Kate Gosselin. Her children have said some things about what happens in their home and then have been reprimanded because of speaking out. The situation between Kate and Jon Gosselin is not getting any better. He is fighting for joint custody and not just simple visitation like he has now. There has been plenty of issues because of the custody battle and the information Gosselin reportedly withheld from her ex-husband regarding their son, Colin. He was home for Easter with the family last week, but no new information about his progress or treatment has been released.

When it was announced Kate Gosselin would be doing Kate Plus 8, she tried hard to win over the viewers. The public opinion of the reality star hasn't been great, and her efforts have marginally improved over the last year or so. Jon Gosselin is trying to make a living being a stripper, which has also sent up red flags with his ex-wife. The children seem to be happy when the cameras are rolling, but when they stop, it is allegedly like a prison camp for them. Seeing what it is like to raise eight kids has given merit to Kate's claims she does the best she can, but the idea of having a pat-down session upon returning from the other parent's home is a little bizarre.

A statement from Kate Gosselin regarding her reported dictator-like practices has not been released. She generally ignores the comments in the media except when they directly affect her children. With all of the complications going on in the custody battle with Jon Gosselin, there is very little time for much else.

Within a few years, all of the Gosselin children will be old enough to choose which parent they want to live with. There are expectations that some of the children will opt to tell their story while others will choose to live outside of the spotlight. Kate's dictator-like rules aren't incredibly shocking because she has always run a tight ship, and with two sets of multiples, schedule and rules were and continued to be a necessity. The truth about what goes on in the Gosselin home under Kate's rules will eventually be discussed by the children, and until then, fans are left to wonder whether or not her kids get pat-downs after visiting their dad.

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