Javi Marroquin: What Is ‘Teen Mom’ Star Doing After Divorce From Kailyn Lowry?

Javi Marroquin probably won’t be filming the upcoming season of Teen Mom 2, as he’s now divorced from Kailyn Lowry. MTV may want to focus on Kailyn’s new life, as she will soon be a single mother to three children. A few months ago, Lowry announced that she was pregnant with her third child, and she is excited about giving birth this summer. However, many people are wondering about the child’s father, as she hasn’t revealed his identity. But Marroquin is moving on, and it sounds like he’s staying busy with work.

According to a new tweet, Javi Marroquin revealed that nothing is going on in his dating life, and he’s keeping busy with work. In fact, he’s so busy in the Air Force that the days are flying by with his work piling up. Apparently, Marroquin is tired of people making up rumors about his dating life, so he decided to set the record straight. Javi announced that he’s not dating anyone.

“Lmao these articles can’t be serious damn y’all really wanna know about my love life. I’ll tell you myself. It’s nonexistent,” Teen Mom star Javi Marroquin tweeted recently about his relationships, revealing that nothing is going on in his personal life in regard to finding a new girlfriend.

“Seems like everyday it’s a different girl. U must be a busy guy! Lol,” one person wrote back to Javi Marroquin, who has been linked to various women over the past couple of months. After all, Javi was the one who started dating quickly after the divorce.


Even though many people had linked Javi to another MTV star, a fellow co-worker in the Air Force, and even random friends of his who were already in relationships, it sounds like Marroquin was just spotted with them at parties or events. In fact, in between working and taking care of his son, Javi may not have any time left over for dating. Earlier this week, Javi Marroquin revealed that he had just had one of the busiest days of his career, as he was working both at his desk and away from it.

“This has easily been the busiest Friday of my Air Force career. Finally sat down at my desk with 17164931 tasks to do and it’s already 1220,” Javi Marroquin tweeted about his busy work day, to which one of his friends wrote, “Omg grow up. It’s called work,” as a joke.

“I know you’re not talking,” Javi wrote back to his friend, clearly showing that they were joking with each other.


And people thought he was jealous about Kailyn having a baby without him, but that doesn’t seem to be the case at all. This morning, Javi revealed that having a baby is very far from his mind these days.


It sounds like Marroquin is happy focusing on his work and his private life, as his ex-wife keeps making headlines over her decision to get pregnant. Javi really wanted another child with her, but she refused, saying she wanted to finish school and start a career. So, after they got divorced, she chose to get pregnant because the doctor gave her a short period of time to have a safe pregnancy. Any other pregnancy after this one would be a high-risk pregnancy. Javi Marroquin may not have known this when they were going through the divorce, but he heard about the pregnancy through mutual friends. No word on whether he knows who the father is, but it sounds like he may not care as they have been divorced for months now.

What do you think of Javi Marroquin’s busy life after his divorce from Kailyn Lowry? Do you think he should be focusing on his work and his career, especially since he’s now a single guy who is taking care of his son, Lincoln?

[Featured Image by Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images for Star Magazine]