Blake Shelton, Miranda Lambert Reportedly Split Over His Desire For Kids: Does She Want Children Now?

Country music fans were stunned when Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert announced their plans to divorce. Moreover, even when both Blake and Miranda moved on to new romances, with Shelton finding love with his fellow coach on The Voice, Gwen Stefani, and Lambert turning to social media to share her affection for singer Anderson East, speculation continued about what caused the split. Amid the conflicting rumors about what caused Blake's and Miranda's divorce, some reports pointed to his alleged desire for children. With rumors swirling that Gwen just might fulfill Shelton's baby dreams, does Lambert now desire children of her own?

Before their divorce, Blake and Miranda faced rumors that Shelton was cheating. The two even joked about the tabloids before their split, pointed out Page Six.

Did Blake Shelton's alleged desire for children cause his split from Miranda Lambert?
Did Blake Shelton's alleged desire for children cause his split from Miranda Lambert? [Image by Larry Busacca/Getty Images for NARAS]

"I just read in a tabloid that our marriage is falling apart!!!" tweeted Shelton before the divorce.

"Oh no! Can't wait to read if we make it or not," responded Lambert.

However, Twitter skipped the jokes when Blake and Miranda revealed their divorce plans in an announcement. They admitted it was "not the future we envisioned," stating that they were moving "forward separately." Despite that united announcement, an insider told the publication that the decision on whether to have children divided Shelton and Lambert.

"[Blake] is eager to have children, but [Miranda] really enjoys not being tied down."
The two clashed "on what the time frame would be" for Lambert getting pregnant, added the source. Also, although Shelton reportedly wanted to spend more time "being together," Miranda "loves her career and touring," said the insider.

"She has the ability to go and record albums when she wants and to tour," noted the source.

In the months after the divorce, Lambert handled the breakup very differently from her ex, pointed out Fox News.

Miranda kept her new romance with Anderson East primarily private, while Shelton and Gwen Stefani have shared details of their relationship in interviews and on social media, including flaunting their love on The Voice.

"I don't know if one handled [the divorce] better than the other but they are handling it the exact opposite of their marriage in the final years," pop culture expert Cate Meighan commented.

"Miranda was the one that...insisted all was good while Blake was always off...not really saying a whole it's the opposite."
Meighan speculated that Lambert has kept her private life out of the spotlight now because she is somewhat embarrassed by the fact that after claiming her marriage to Shelton was fine, the divorce occurred.

Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert reacted in very different ways to their divorce.
Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert reacted in very different ways to their divorce. [Image by Christopher Polk/Getty Images for Stagecoach]

"She has to feel a little embarrassed because after all of that it didn't work out," noted Cate.

Miranda's and Blake's songs after the divorce also are noticeably different. While Shelton has produced more of an "ode to a thing that's over," Meighan feels that Lambert has shared her "emotional stuff" as a result of the split.

But Miranda's heartbreak had a bright side, with her sorrowful songs winning her the Academy of Country Music Awards' (ACM) Album of the Year award recently, noted Hollywood Life.

When Lambert expressed her appreciation for the honor, she confessed that it was her "heartbreak" that turned her music into an award-winning album. But some fans felt that her comment about "heartbreak" was intended to throw shade at her failed marriage to Blake.

"Thank you for letting me use my heartbreak and share it with you guys."
Twitter lit up with reactions.

"Class act always. She deserves this. Heartache to Winner," cheered one Team Miranda fan.

Others threw shade at Blake on behalf of Lambert.

However, it's not just Lambert's Twitter fans cheering for her recent win. Her musician boyfriend Anderson East, 28, gushed on Instagram after the 33-year-old earned her eighth consecutive Female Vocalist of the Year Award trophy at the ACMs, reported Us Weekly.

"Couldn't be more proud of this little lady and the amazing art she brings with her," posted East.

Lambert returned the praise, turning to Instagram to share her feelings for Anderson.

Although Miranda reportedly did not want to have children when she was married to Blake Shelton, does she have plans to get pregnant now that she's found love again with Anderson East? Lambert told Rare Country about her response to those who ask if she's having children.
"When people say, 'Are you having children?' I'm like, 'I do.'"
Each of her 18 "children" has four paws and a wagging tail, and Miranda turned to social media to dish the details on her three new kitty kids.

"The cat's outta the bag... We have 3 new feline farm hands!" shared Lambert. "Bobbi McGee (the kitten), Nick Saban and the big boy, Bear Bryant."

Miranda has competition when it comes to the queen of the farm, she admitted.

"The little, tiniest one, she's like teeny tiny...she's kind of started to prove herself as a little bit of the queen of the farm," joked Lambert. "She's the baby, but she's feisty."

Miranda is so passionate about helping animals that she started the Mutt Nation Foundation. The organization is devoted to providing support for no-kill animal shelters and boosting animal adoption.

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