'Bates Motel' Freddie Highmore Promises A Shocking Finale

After five incredible seasons, Bates Motel will air the final episode which could be the best episode in the series. The fans will learn what will happen to Norman Bates (Freddie Highmore). The show will also show how far Alex Romero (Nester Carbonell), Dylan (Max Thieriot), and Emma (Olivia Cooke) will go to make sure Norman doesn't hurt anyone else.

Bates Motel Episode 9 left off with former sheriff turned escaped convict, Romero kidnapping Norman from prison with the not-so-brilliant idea to force his stepson to show him where he was stashing his dead wife's body.

Freddie Highmore warned the Bates Motel fans that however you think the season will end, it's not the way it will happen. He revealed that "the fans will be shocked, amazed, and need a good cry" after they see the ending of the series.

Bates Motel cast has remained tight-lipped about how series will end. It will add to the shock value on how the series will end. However, it's pretty safe to assume that someone is not going to make it alive.

Showrunner, Kerry Ehrin revealed that she had hoped to give a "sort of" happy ending for the character in the series, but it proved to be a near impossible feat. However, she did say that the ending will be "satisfying and completely unexpected."
"It's going to be really good."
According to The Hollywood Reporter, Freddie admitted that it has been difficult for him to leave the role of Norman behind. He was only 19-years-old when he started, and now he is 25 with some writing and directing credit behind his name.

"You change as a person and of course that probably influences the way that Norman changed over the years," Highmore explained.

"It's hard to pinpoint how. In terms of the approach to Norman, it did become more fun as the challenge increased as time went by. Just the opportunity to get to see Mother take over Norman and learn how that affects the way he moves and reacts and speaks and engages with people in scenes."
In the past few episodes of Bates Motel, Mother, played by Vera Farmiga, has taken over Norman's personality. It has forced Freddie to play two to three different people; all connect to the character of Norman. In case, you were wondering, Highmore explains that it is as confusing as sounds.
"You wrap your head around the fact that you're ultimately just pretending to be the person that you once started out as from another character's point of view," Highmore stated.
"That's what made the experience so enjoyable as time went by; no scene felt repetitive. Norman's trajectory toward becoming that person that we know inside and moving past that was reasonably rapid. It didn't feel forced or overly speedy but it was a character that was constantly changing or evolving."
"It just became a much more psychological game of cat and mouse between them," Freddie said. "One of the things I'll miss most of all is getting to do those big scenes with Vera, those big, nuanced, emotional scenes."

Highmore credited Farmiga as being the one that created the Mother persona and dictated her bizarre behavior before they began filming Season 5.

After the Monday season finale, Highmore will continue to be active on television. He is set to star in ABC's medical drama, The Good Doctor. Moreover, if that's not enough, he's co-writing two series with Bates Motel showrunner, Kerry Ehrin.

Freddie Highmore admitted that saying goodbye to such an iconic role such as Norman Bates was difficult. He cannot wait for Bates Motel fans to see the final episode and see Norman's ultimate fate!

Bates Motel checks out on Monday, April 24 on A&E.

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