'Teen Mom 2's Producers Share Why They Added A Fifth Mom For The New Season

Teen Mom 2 has recently added a fifth cast member, borrowing her from the now-dead Teen Mom 3 series, and an insider recently opened up as to why the decision was made.

In recent years, Teen Mom 2 star Chelsea Houska has wanted more privacy, now that she has settled down, married and had a baby. She has expressed that she is often reluctant to film and even banned the MTV cameras from her wedding, which would have been a big event.

Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2 have always worked under the formula of four moms. However, the network recently decided to add Teen Mom 3's Briana DeJesus to the cast.

A source close to the production revealed why.

"Some of the girls are unreliable with filming, and others just are no longer bringing the drama viewers want to see. They needed someone to spice it up," they said.

Briana DeJesus certainly fulfils a certain level of drama for the series. The 22-year-old mother, like Teen Mom 2's Kailyn Lowry is also pregnant with a mystery man's baby. She has also had several plastic surgeries and is in constant contempt with her mother, Roxane, and often fights with her sister, Brittany. As such, DeJesus makes reality TV gold.

Not only has Chelsea Houska been reluctant to share everything in her life with the Teen Mom 2 cameras, but other cast members have been known for their diva behavior. Jenelle Evans, who is engaged in a fierce custody battle over her eldest son, Jace, with her own mother, spent much of last season throwing tantrums and demanding that production not film with her mother or ex, Nathan Griffiths.

Jenelle Evans and fiance David Eason also illegally drove off the MTV lot with Jace without the consent of his custodian, her mother Barb Evans. She threatened to quit the series if her mom continued on it.

And while Jenelle Evans is already feuding with Teen Mom 2 co-star, Leah Messer, she also expressed in a recent interview that she's not happy with DeJesus' casting on the show.
"I don't care about it. I don't understand why MTV wants to add a girl to the mix that was never part of our 16 & Pregnant season. None of this makes sense, but it's whatever. She has not reached out to me and I dislike her for comments she has made about me in the past," she said.
But although Jenelle Evans dislikes Briana DeJesus already, the pair will have to eventually come face-to-face in Teen Mom 2 reunion shows and other events.Briana DeJesus has recently made headlines for supposedly owning a gun to protect herself against her felon ex. Evidently, her mother attempted to file a restraining order against her, alleging the reality star had a deadly weapon, but the case was thrown out due to insufficient evidence.

DeJesus is also already good friends with Kailyn Lowry's ex, Javi Marroquin. The pair were seen on vacation with DeJesus' sister, Brittany via Snapchat. Due to the nature of many of the snaps (Javi taking a picture of Brittany in bed and Javi and Brittany together at a bar), several people are lead to believe that Javi and Brittany are currently in a relationship. This would a crossover element that previously hasn't been seen before on Teen Mom 2.

While opening up the "fourth wall" to the producers has added a different dynamic to the series, a couple who has met and started dating from the show would add an entirely different dimension never seen before.

Although Kailyn Lowry, who is currently also pregnant with her third child, hasn't commented on Javi and Brittany's relationship, it will be interesting to see how this plays out on Teen Mom 2.

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