Jenelle Evans’ Ex-Husband Courtland Rogers: Is He Missing The ‘Teen Mom’ Star?

Jenelle Evans has completely changed her life around over the past couple of years. While many thought that she had changed after getting together with Nathan Griffith as they had a son together, things quickly crumbled when he cheated on her. Within weeks of leaving Nathan behind, she started dating David Eason. The two got engaged, and they recently had a daughter together. Of course, Evans had also married Courtland a few years ago, but the marriage was short-lived because Courtland was lying about doing drugs.

According to a new tweet, Jenelle Evans' ex-husband is reflecting on the past, and it sounds like he may be missing someone. While Rogers could have talked about anyone from his past, many suspected he was talking about Jenelle. She has gone through so many changes lately, including having a baby, so when he deleted his tweet again, it just seemed to confirm that he was missing someone who he didn't want to talk about.

Courtland Rogers deleted tweet

"Sometimes u can't help missing matter what happened at the end of the road. #ThinkingOutLoud," Courtland Rogers tweeted over the weekend, and then he deleted the tweet.

Evans' ex-husband then decided to share some random tweets, including one about sharks. It sounds like he has no interest in answering anyone's questions about the tweet, including who he was talking about and who he was missing.

"When u are in the ocean and step on something that moves really fast for some reason u are always determined it was a shark lol," Rogers later tweeted, clearly focusing on his time in the water rather than his feelings.

Of course, Jenelle Evans probably isn't thinking about her previous marriage to Courtland. And she may not be surprised that her own mother met up with her ex-husband. Jenelle divorced Rogers after learning that he wasn't clean during a traffic stop. After he was arrested for possession, Evans was furious and filed for divorce. She wanted custody back of Jace, and she had gotten clean herself.

According to the Inquisitr, Jenelle Evans isn't really thinking about Courtland these days, as their divorce is final and she has found love with Eason. However, her mother did speak to Rogers recently, and some people found it very interesting, as Barbara is doing anything in her power to make her daughter look like a bad mother. She doesn't want to give custody of Jace back to Jenelle Evans. So when Courtland broke his silence on Twitter, people were wondering if they did run into each other by coincidence.

"Got to see and talk with Babs just now lol….absolutely made my day and she has the cutest little dog lol," Courtland Rogers randomly tweeted a few weeks ago, to which people replied with various statements.

"Thats awesome!! She was your mother in law for a while!" one person wrote, to which Courtland replied, "I actually miss her company (babs)."

"I bet! Cool that her door is open for you," a follower wrote back to Rogers.

Some tabloids speculated that Barbara was working with Rogers over custody issues. While some speculated that she was trying to get Courtland to say something negative about Jenelle Evans in court to ensure she doesn't get Jace back, other tabloids assumed that Barbara was helping Rogers get custody of his daughter back. Either way, it is odd that these two ran into each other recently, given all the court drama that's going on in Jenelle's life. Evans has yet to break her silence about this meeting between her mother and ex-husband, but one can imagine she feels betrayed if it was an arranged meeting.

What do you think of Jenelle Evans' ex-husband's tweets? Do you think he was tweeting about Jenelle, or do you think he was talking about someone else from his past?

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