The Flash: Is That Really Iris Barry Allen Sees Killed By Savitar, Or Is It Someone Else?

Throughout the entire season of The Flash, the Flash crew has been struggling to find a way to save Iris from her apparently predestined death at the hands of Savitar. But even though they’ve managed to change the timeline slightly, it hasn’t been enough to prevent that inevitable scene in which Barry is too slow to stop Savitar from skewering Iris. But The Flash writers have made a habit of pulling a bait and switch on the viewers, so maybe they’ll do that again this time. What if that’s not really Iris?

The Time Warp Again

Back when Barry tossed the Philosopher’s Stone box into the speed force, he had assumed that would be that. But he was instead immediately tossed into a future where he sees his future self facing Savitar, who proceeded to plunge a blade straight through Iris. Since then, we’ve seen variations on this theme whenever Cisco vibed Barry or Wally to the scene of the crime in the future.

In one version, we see H.R. – or at least some version of Wells – standing on the roof with a rifle aimed at Savitar, but this doesn’t really seem to change anything. And all the efforts that the Flash team have made to shift the future by changing the events leading up to it haven’t seemed to have much effect.

For instance, during the last episode before the break we saw Caitlin becoming the full-blown Killer frost and blasting everyone across the room. So even though they knew this was going to happen, they still weren’t able to stop it. All of this suggests that no matter what they do, they’re not going to be able to prevent the scene in which Barry is unable to stop Savitar from killing Iris. Unless of course they decide to change the parameters of the game.

The Old Switcheroo

Maybe The Flash writers are going to let us think that Iris has been killed and that Barry has failed until the very last few scenes in the finale. Just how hard would it be for someone to stand-in for Iris and take the knife for her? Since this is a comic book show, not that hard.

We already know that H.R. has a kind of facial cloaking technology that lets him look like anyone he wants to look like. At the beginning of the season on The Flash, this seemed like it was just a convenient plot device to allow someone who looked exactly like the criminal Harrison Wells of Earth One to walk around without being arrested.

But what if it was more than that? If you can mask a head, why can’t you mask an entire body? Maybe H.R. is going to use the technology to nobly sacrifice himself by standing in for Iris. Naturally, he would probably have to drug Iris and do this secretly or she wouldn’t let him. Certainly, if anyone’s going to be leaving the show, it would be nice if it was the most useless character – and arguably that’s H.R. Wells.

Killer Frost on ‘The Flash.’ [Image by The CW]

But given the fact that just masking the body won’t hide the fact that H.R.’s body is taller and shaped differently than Iris, there is a more likely use for the cloaking technology that might not require anyone dying at all. This is if Caitlin/Killer Frost were to where the device and stand-in for Iris during the big showdown.

“Why wouldn’t getting shish-kebabed kill Killer Frost?” you might ask. Well, we’ve already seen on The Flash that Caitlin can be virtually dead and come back just by transforming into Killer Frost. More than this, she has some kind of Wolverine-like healing power that instantaneously repairs physical damage.

We saw the surgical incision that Julian made heal itself almost instantaneously when she became Killer Frost. This would actually tie in nicely with an upcoming The Flash episode synopsis reported by ScreenRant in which Killer Frost makes an “interesting proposal” to the team. Maybe she offers to do this if they let her go.

[Featured Image by The CW]

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