‘Arrow’ Season 5 Finale: EP Teases Returning Characters In ‘Psychological’ Episode

Oliver Queen is about to confront this year’s biggest villain as Arrow heads into the season finale. Oliver (Stephen Amell) has been chasing down Adrian Chase, aka Prometheus, all season long and it sounds like Star City isn’t on the verge of destruction for the first time in forever. What can fans expect to unfold during the Season 5 finale?

Comic Book reported that executive producer Marc Guggenheim teased that the Season 5 finale will be a lot different from previous years. Not only is Star City safe from imminent danger, but Oliver and his team will be venturing far from the city limits to take down Prometheus.

“We’re not going to destroy the city. We’re not even going to threaten the city,” Guggenheim shared. “In fact, I can also tell you the finale doesn’t even take place in the city. Finally, the citizens of Star City can breathe easily in May.”

According to Cinema Blend, Guggenheim added that Prometheus was the reason they decided not to put Star City in the cross fire this time round. Guggenheim explained how Prometheus is a “very personal” and “psychological” villain and it only made sense to end the season playing to his strong points.

In addition to the new location, Guggenheim revealed that a few familiar faces will return for the Arrow season finale. There’s no telling who might return for one last showdown, but fans can expect plenty of twists and surprises along the way. “You can expect a good number of returning characters, characters you haven’t seen in a while, back in the episode,” he added.

Madison McLaughlin as Evelyn Sharp/Artemis on ‘Arrow’ [Image by The CW]

In a recent episode, fans watched as Artemis (Evelyn Sharp) returned to fight against Oliver. Once she came out as the traitor, Artemis disappeared from the show until Chase caught Oliver and tried to torture him. The emotional episode almost forced Oliver to kill Artemis. Even though he resisted, Chase’s tactics clearly shook Oliver to the core.

There’s unfortunately no telling what will unfold between Oliver and Prometheus during the season finale. Previous years have featured the deaths of major characters — including Moira Queen and Laurel — so another shocking death probably isn’t in the cards. More likely, the events during the finale will lead to some major changes for Season 6.

After all, Amell and Guggenheim have hinted that things are going to change a lot next season. This could include some major casting changes, though it’s too early to tell what will happen when all the dust settles. While a major character death isn’t likely, it’s possible that more than one member of Team Arrow hangs it up after battling Prometheus, especially if Oliver leaves a broken man.

At least fans can rest assured knowing that everyone in Star City will be safe and sound when Oliver takes on Prometheus. Fans can only hope the same holds true for Team Arrow. Unfortunately, it doesn’t sound like Oliver will be that lucky. According to Movie Pilot, Oliver will be changed forever after confronting Prometheus.

Prometheus. [Image by The CW]

“Oliver goes through arguably the toughest thing he’s ever been through with Adrian Chase,” Guggenheim shared. “Stephen gives this performance that he’s more or less broken at the end of the episode.”

Thankfully, the season finale will not be the ultimate end for Oliver and his team. Guggenheim added that there’s always a bit of hope for Oliver. Despite how dark the finale might get, the producer hinted that things will turn out all right in the end. Whether or not this transformation takes place in the finale or in Season 6 is yet to be seen.

Fans can catch new episodes of Arrow Wednesday nights on The CW, check out a preview for the next all-new episode below.


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