Kate Middleton And Royals Delay Marathon Participants, Open Up About Own Struggles

Running a marathon is no easy feat at 26.2 miles. It’s a grueling trek, and usually participants are purely focused on finishing and putting one step in front of the other to out-do their opponents. Yet, one extra-zealous marathoner named Chris stopped in the middle of his marathon attempt this morning to cheekily snap himself in a selfie with the Duchess of Cambridge and her husband, who were in the stands for the event. Other marathoners then followed suit.

The Mirror shares about the event which took place on Sunday morning in London.

“The runner – doing the marathon for Children with Cancer UK – stopped and made his request after the royal pair had pushed the button to send 39,000 past the starting line. As [Chris] stopped running for the snap Kate looked over as William posed and Prince Harry just laughed. Then he put his phone away and carried on the mammoth trek. Then another runner called Lydon Walker stopped to get her selfie with a delighted Kate – and then posted her effort to social media.”

Ahead of the race, Kate Middleton, Prince William and Prince Harry wished all runners good luck and then joined in clapping and cheering them on as the race began. The race involved world class athletes and amateurs and all were running for a fantastic cause.

Seven hundred of the participants were running for the royal trio’s very own Heads Together campaign in support of mental health. A number of runners were emotional in sharing their own experience and struggles with mental health. As the publication touchingly outlines, Pippa Creasy and her children were running in support of CALM, which is a foundation linked with Heads Together against male suicide.

Pippa’s husband, and the father to her children, Terry, took his own life after struggling with depression. Terry was a consultant interventional radiologist and was 55-years-old. Mrs. Creasy shared her emotional account.

“He’s not here to share this happiness and that’s when we really miss him, and we’re going to miss him today because we will think even more about him. I can’t you how much of an emotional journey it’s been, but I’m sure it’s the same for everyone. We’re all here doing the marathon with many issues.”

Kate, William, and Harry can easily be praised, not only for taking such initiative to bring so many individuals and charities together for an important cause, but also because they have been completely participatory in sharing their own struggles and have reminded that no one should feel alone or unable to talk about their difficulties.

Kate was very open recently about how isolated she feels by times as a mother. The duchess stopped by a school where she chatted about the fact that although motherhood is wonderful, she feels somewhat alone when caring for Prince George and Princess Charlotte. ET Canada relays the duchess’ words.

“Yes, it is lonely at times and you do feel quite isolated. But, so many other mothers are going through exactly what you are going through. It is being brave enough, like you obviously were, to reach out to those around you.”

Prince Harry also admitted bravely that he was near a breakdown at various points, as Elle notes, following the tragic death of his mother and acknowledged that he finally sought counseling for his struggles.

“I have probably been very close to a complete breakdown on numerous occasions when all sorts of grief and all sorts of lies and misconceptions and everything are coming to you from every angle.”

[Featured Image by Chris Jackson – WPA Pool/Getty Images]