John Mayer Crush On Kendall Jenner Revealed — Will Katy Perry And Harry Styles Be Jealous?

Hollywood Life reports that John Mayer has revealed he has a crush on Kendall Jenner.

Mayer reportedly thinks that Kendall is “smoking hot”!

“[T]he lovestruck singer has a MAJOR crush on the model and thinks she’s ‘smoking hot.'”

The crush began when John saw Kendall in the crowd at his concert last night. John locked eyes with Kendall as she stood in her row, and he was immediately taken with her.

“When John Mayer, 39, looked out into the crowd last night, he locked eyes with one stunning girl in particular. Of course we’re talking about Kendall Jenner, 21, who attended his concert on April 21 at The Forum in Los Angeles with bestie Hailey Baldwin.”

After Kendall Jenner's Pepsi ad problems, she's not all that worried about Caitlyn Jenner's memoir
After Kendall Jenner's Pepsi ad problems, she's not all that worried about Caitlyn Jenner's memoir. [image by Tristan Fewings/Getty Images for Moschino]

It’s not just Kendall that caught his eye. The rakish singer also has a crush on Hailey Baldwin.

A source revealed, “He thinks Kendall is smoking hot, and he also has a mad crush on Hailey.”

Hailey Baldwin has been involved with Justin Bieber and caused a stir when she vacationed with him in St. Barts a couple of years back. Around the same time, Kendall Jenner was photographed cavorting on a yacht in St Barts with her own pop star beau, Harry Styles.

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A source close to John Mayer stressed that he is not keen to date more famous women after dating a slew of models and actresses: Jennifer Aniston, Jessica Simpson, Minka Kelly and Katy Perry.

The source said, “He’s really trying to be good and not date any more high profile women. He prefers not being in the spotlight, but still loves beautiful women. This concert was a major challenge for him. Five years ago he would have made a move on Kendall and Hailey, but now he exercises restraint. He doesn’t like being in the tabloids.”

The source said that five years ago John definitely would have made a move on Hailey and Kendall at the concert, but he is a changed man now and does not like to be in the tabloids.

The source did make it clear that “[John Mayer] still loves beautiful women”!

Mayer received a lot of criticism when he gave an explosive interview to Playboy magazine about his active dating life many years ago.

John spoke about his “David Duke d***,” saying that while he is keen on multiculturalism and progressive politics, he is simply not physically attracted to black women.

“I’ve got a Bennetton heart and a f***ing David Duke d***.”

Mayer also received criticism for sexually objectifying his ex-girlfriend Jessica Simpson.

John said that Jessica was “sexual napalm” to him.

Mayer told reporters that he regrets the explosive Playboy interview, and he does not consider himself a womanizer. John admits that for a while he was “leaning into the role” of womanizer because it felt like that was what people expected from him.

Regarding the perceived racism, John said that he was out of touch, and he was trying to be funny but he went too far.

Will Kendall and John’s exes be jealous now that John has revealed his crush on Kendall?

Kendall’s ex Harry Styles has long been rumored to be pursuing the supermodel further following their breakup. The relationship between Harry and Kendall reportedly ended the first two times because of Harry’s wandering eye and desire to live the rock star life.

Harry and Kendall have a lot of haters but a lot of supporters in their inner circle. Kris Jenner and Hailey Baldwin both sparked rumors of a Styles/Jenner reconciliation when they liked pictures of Harry and Kendall on social media in recent times, reports Dolly.

“Is Kris Jenner trying to tell us something with this Hendall post?”

John Mayer was rumored to be pursuing Katy Perry after she broke up with her beau Orlando Bloom recently.

Hollywood Life reports that John “still has a huge thing for Katy.”

“He’s very happy that she and Orlando are done. This is what he’s been waiting for… He’s already plotting.”

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