‘One Piece’ Manga Chapter 863: Secret Of Luffy’s Clones, Big Mom’s Wrath, Jinbei’s Desire And Courage Shown

Chapter 863 of the immensely popular Japanese manga One Piece can easily be considered as one of the most action-packed and chaotic ones in the history of the series. With many important characters involved in multiple dangerous missions, the current chapter of One Piece brims with excitement that will make the fans giddy.

[Warning: One Piece manga Chapter 863 spoilers/recap ahead]

The current chapter of manga One Piece lifts the veil off an exciting mystery that mangaka Eiichiro Oda introduced in the previous one. Captain of the Straw Hats pirates, Luffy D. Monkey, had shouldered the responsibility of tearing Mother Caramel’s photo, which is Yonko Big Mom’s sole weakness. Moreover, he had hinted to the captain of the Fire Tank pirates, Capone “Gang” Bege that he will be making a dramatic entrance at the wedding ceremony of Sanji Vinsmoke and Lady Pudding.

As revealed in the current chapter, Luffy manages to not only accomplish his dangerous mission but also fulfills his desire to make a memorable entrance. In the previous chapter, the multistoried wedding cake had appeared to burst open and several clones of Luffy jumped out. The current chapter takes readers about three hours prior to Luffy’s grand entrance. As it turns out, Luffy had asked Capone for a mirror to be placed in the wedding cake. This would allow the entire gang to enter the party directly through Brulee’s Magic Mirror World. As expected, Brulee is livid at the thought, but Capone readily agrees.

The secret behind multiple copies of Luffy jumping out of the cake is also revealed in the current chapter. Evidently, the clones are nothing but “mirror images” of the Straw Hats captain projected onto multiple forest animals. The same technique was used by Carrot back when they were captured by Big Mom’s ministers. This also explains why many copies merely barged into the ceremony, growling. Luffy’s appearance allows Big Mom’s ministers to realize that the Straw Hats captain and Nami did not perish in the fire that blazed through the Prisoner’s Library, as was claimed by Opera.

As expected, the sheer number of copies of Luffy causes the wedding cake to burst open and collapse, which aggravates Big Mom. The Yonko, in turn, demands that a replacement be placed before her immediately. Since such an outrageous demand cannot be fulfilled spontaneously by the chefs, Charlotte Linlin sucks out the life force of the poor culinary masters. Interestingly, despite knowing that Lady Pudding was the mastermind behind the assassination plot to wipeout the entire Vinsmoke clan, Sanji dives to save her from the collapsing cake.

The scene shifts to the inside of the Mirror World, where the Straw Hats gang is preparing to storm the wedding ceremony and save Sanji. After all of the Luffy’s copies have been ushered through the mirror placed inside the wedding cake, the gang enters the venue. Incidentally, their role appears to be supplementary, however, as revealed earlier by Jinbei, the sharkman has plans to confront Big Mom.

Back at the ceremony, the chaos created by Luffy’s copies continue to irritate Big Mom, and she desperately tries to locate the real Luffy. Although Capone is quite pleased with the chaos that’s unfolding, his joy is rather short-lived because the real Luffy identifies himself. Realizing Luffy’s on his way to Mother Caramel’s photo, Capone confirms the “Deadly Poison Gas Bullet, the KX Launcher.”

Realizing she needs help, Big Mom summons her two powerful weapons, Zeus and Prometheus. Before Luffy can unleash his Gear attack, the Zeus cloud grabs him and strikes a powerful blow. Interestingly, the cloud manages to hold onto Luffy by snaring his hands and feet. After making sure Luffy has been rendered immobile, Big Mom shifts her focus to Commander Dogtooth, who informs her that the Straw Hats captain was after Mother Caramel’s photo. As expected, the revelation shocks the Yonko because the information is very confidential and known to a select few family members only.

Just as the situation appears hopeless, Jinbei attacks with his “Sea Current Lifter” attack, which frees up Luffy. While Big Mom is still dazed about the developments, Capone admits that it was he who revealed information about the photo.

Seizing the opportunity to come clean, Jinbei admits to his mutiny, an act which gives Big Mom the right to demand a portion of lifespan from the sharkman. Jinbei also reveals that he plans to leave Big Mom’s crew and wishes to join the Straw Hats. This revelation causes elation within the Straw Hats gang.

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However, Big Mom shocks everybody by demanding Jinbei offer his entire remaining lifespan as penalty for the act of defection. In an even more shocking move, Jinbei agrees to Big Mom’s outrageous demands. It essentially means Jinbei would have to commit suicide if he were to decide to defect from Big Mom. In exchange for his lifespan, Jinbei requests Big Mom to spare the lives of all his friends. The painful irony of Jinbei’s decision isn’t lost on Luffy.

Surprisingly, even after numerous attempts, Big Mom is unable to suck lifespan out of Jinbei, causing others to speculate that the sharkman isn’t afraid of the Yonko, and hence Charlotte Linlin cannot perform the extraction. Instead of his lifespan, the courageous second captain of the Sun Pirates calmly proceeds to offer a bowl of warm sake as a token of his appreciation towards Big Mom. Angry at not being able to suck Jinbei’s lifespan, Big Mom smashes the bowl.

Shockingly, amidst the tense standoff between Big Mom and Jinbei, a person crudely disguised as Luffy creeps closer to Mother Caramel’s photo and tauntingly proceeds to smash it into two pieces with a hammer. Chapter 863 of manga One Piece ends with the burning question: “Who is this Luffy?”

Chapter 864 of manga One Piece is expected to be released without a break next week. Hopefully, mangaka Oda reveals the identity of the mysterious character who smashed Mother Caramel’s photo. Moreover, there has been no mention of the Vinsmoke clan. Will Big Mom let the family walk? With her sole vulnerability exploited, will Big Mom even survive?

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