Cardi B Reacts To News That Offset From Migos Was ‘All Over’ Amber Rose At Coachella

Cardi B and Amber Rose seem like the kind of women who would be best friends but there is no love from the Love & Hip Hop New York star after she peeped Amber making out with her man. After hearing about the 4/20 concert makeout session, Cardi responded with a jab at both Muva and her man Offset. Now there are questions about whether Cardi and Amber will be fighting over one-third of Migos while another third of the group, Quavo, has been linked to Chris Brown’s ex Karrueche Tran.

Cardi has been romantically linked to Offset from Migos for months now and it looked like things were going great. Well, they were going great until Coachella, where all the members of Migos were pictured surrounding Amber Rose while staring at her enormous breasts that were covered by a very see through top. That picture, which is a bit too NSFW to post in full here, can be found here instead.

Things got worse when one of Cardi’s fans questioned her relationship with Offset, claiming that he was “all over” Amber Rose at Coachella according to All Hip Hop. After Cardi’s fan commented on Offset and Amber Rose, Cardi made a comment about “hoes will be hoes.”

Considering that Cardi B didn’t go fully ballistic on Amber Rose, some have raised questions about the nature of her relationship with Offset. It’s no secret that they’ve been together, at least on and off, for several months. Now some are wondering if this is an open relationship because when it came to partying with Amber at Coachella, Offset seemed to be giving Amber the most attention and Cardi B was nowhere to be found.

Right now it seems like Cardi B is too busy being successful to even worry about what Offset from Migos is doing. She has new music coming out practically all of the time, she’s touring and Cardi B is fast becoming a fashion icon and talking about how hard she worked to get noticed by designers.

Despite her enormous popularity, or possibly because of it, Cardi B said she had a hard time getting fashion designers to work with her. She said that she often was told no by the designers she liked best, but that didn’t stop her from looking fabulous and now Cardi has become a celebrity that designers want to see wearing their clothes.

“A lot of designers, they did tell me no,” Cardi recently told Hot New Hip Hop. “They didn’t really wanna work with me. I said to myself, you know what, I’m gonna buy their pieces until they wanna work with me… I’m gonna prove to them that I’m a fashion f**king icon.”

Cardi B’s recent admission over why she didn’t turn her back on the designers who turned her down might also play into why she didn’t rip Amber Rose apart for allegedly messing with her man. Cardi said when asked about her fashion success that sometimes you can’t turn your back on those who reject you.

“Sometimes a lot of people, when people reject you, they’ll be like ‘nah, f**k them,’ sometimes you cannot say ‘f**k them,’ sometimes you gotta be like, listen, I’ma prove to them that I’ma fashion, f**king, icon.”

Considering how much they have in common, Amber Rose is someone that Cardi B easily could worth with in the future. Who is she to let a man get in the way of making money?

Why do you think Cardi B acted so nonchalant after learning that Amber Rose and Offset were getting pretty handsy at Coachella? Does the Love & Hip Hop New York star just not care or is she looking at the bigger picture? Sound off about this celebrity love swap in the comments section below.

[Featured Image by Craig Barritt/Stringer/Getty Images]