Kate Middleton And Prince William Reveal They Watch ‘Game Of Thrones’ And Eat Curry Takeout In ‘Comfy’ Clothes

Has Princess Diana’s wish for her sons to lead a normal life come true? Do the royal family live just like us? It certainly sounds like it! Kate Middleton And Prince William have recently revealed that they really do live like the rest of us: they order take out, and sit back and watch their favorite shows like Homeland or Game of Thrones, donning comfy clothes.


Speaking to the BBC Radio One, the Daily Mail reported that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge revealed that their lives were quite normal, although behind the gilded palace walls. Both were full of smiles and giggled often as they chatted with the radio hosts. The couple openly shared information about their personal lives, from being parents to their favorite pop culture, as well as their private life hanging out at home at night.

William confessed that he texted songs anonymously and even gave some shout outs to friends. The couple are huge music fans, and the last concert they attended was Coldplay at Wembley Arena. They admitted that they would love to attend the music festival in Glastonbury, yet William joked that his recent “dad dancing” in Verbier, Switzerland, is keeping them away from attending. The video was taken by another in a nightclub that the prince was at, and it instantly went viral.

“‘I’ve got into enough trouble with my dancing recently. So it’s probably best to stay away from that one.”

Apparently, William’s antics at the exclusive Swiss town must not be such a contentious subject between the couple, as was originally reported. Otherwise, William would hardly have joked about his dancing to the radio audience, while sitting right next to his wife!


The couple was asked if they ever eat take out food, and if so, what they do order. Kate quickly piped up with “Absolutely and curry–definitely!” And the couple giggled some more. William explained that they like Chinese food or a curry, but he admitted he does not like super-spicy food.


This concept of takeout to the palace, had the hosts wondering if delivery drivers actually bring food to the palace? William explained that “someone” picks it up, although he did not identify if it was either of them, or one of their assistants.

“It doesn’t usually get ordered to the palace to be honest, normally someone goes and picks it up.”

In public, William is known to appear in public in very formal attire, and Catherine is renowned for her impeccable taste in designer clothes. Her influence in fashion is so significant that there is a nickname, the “Kate Effect.” So, it was natural for the host, Scott Mills, to ask if they ever let their hair down in the privacy of their home and wear comfy clothes like most people, like, perhaps, sweat pants? William replied in the affirmative but admitted that maybe his casual is not everyone else’s idea of casual.

“I’ve got my comfy clothes, yes. I don’t know if they’re the same as what you wear though.”

So, when the couple are all settled in, wearing comfy clothes and about to eat some yummy takeout, what are they watching? Sounds like a lot of cartoons! This should be of no surprise as they have 3-year-old Prince George and soon to be two-year-old Princess Charlotte. The kids like the shows Fireman Sam and Peppa Pig, although George has grown out of the latter. The prince revealed that young Charlotte has some pretty strict cartoon rules.

“Our daughter gets really upset if you’re not showing due dillegence to the characters.”

When the kids are asleep, what do the couple watch when they get to watch grown up shows? Homeland and Game of Thrones are the two they mentioned.


The queen just celebrated her birthday, so what do they get the woman that literally has everything? Diamonds? Rare books? Exotic trips? How about originally artwork from a little prince! Prince William laughed that he gave Prince George’s artwork to gan-gan and passed it off as his own. This is the epitome of normal!

Do you think that Prince William and Kate Middleton live a normal life like you? Are you surprised by this?

[Featured Image by Chris Jackson/Getty Images]