Katy Perry Reportedly Dissed Taylor Swift In ‘Vogue’ Cover Story

Looks like Katy Perry’s feud with Taylor Swift is not over yet. The “Chained to the Rhythm” pop star is the latest to grace the cover of U.S. Vogue. Inside the publication, she talks about her Christian upbringing and her liberal beliefs. Some also noticed that Katy may have subtly shaded Taylor in the interview. It went unnoticed by the public until this week, reports Paper Magazine.

Both ladies have graced the cover of Vogue. Katy Perry is the magazine’s May 2017 cover girl. She’s seen with her newly platinum blonde hair and signature over-the-top looks. Taylor Swift graced the cover of the May 2016 issue of Vogue, in which she debuted her platinum blonde shaggy haircut and grunge look.

Both ladies respectively chaired and are chairing the Costume Institute show at the Met in New York, which is held on the first Monday in May. Katy has reinvented herself yet again by getting a platinum blonde buzzcut thanks to her hairstylist Chris McMillan, reports Hollywood Life. But, in Vogue, she got political and addressed her purposeful pop era.

She also expressed her disappointment with celebrities who have not spoken out during the election and the current political climate.

“I don’t think you have to shout it out from the rooftops, but I think you should have to stand for something, and if you’re not standing for anything, you’re just serving yourself, period, end of story. ‘California Gurls’ and fluffy stuff would be completely inauthentic to who I am now and what I’ve learned. I do believe we need a little escapism, but I think that it can’t be all that. If you have a voice you have a responsibility to use it now, more than ever.”

What does this quote have to do with Taylor Swift? Well, the “Bad Blood” singer was slammed for not speaking out about the 2016 election. The only times she did speak out was on Election Day and when the women’s marches took place after the inauguration.

Swift and Perry used to be friends. Then their shared history with John Mayer and their backup dancers came between them. Swift then released the song “Bad Blood,” which people assumed was about Perry.

Taylor has since laid low on social media. After her whirlwind romance with Tom Hiddleston and Kim Kardashian exposed her Snapchat, she has been keeping quiet. She has hardly tweeted or posted a photo on Instagram in months. Fans have been waiting for Taylor to say something political. The only time she referenced anything to do with the election was when she posted a photo of herself standing in line to vote.

Katy, on the other hand, got very political on social media. She made it clear that she was voting for Hillary Clinton. She even dressed up as the Democratic nominee for Halloween, appeared at her rallies, and supported her tirelessly on Twitter. Now, Katy wants to get even more political with her upcoming album, which does not have a title or release date.

In her Vogue profile, she also explained why she started following former Fox News host Bill O’Reilly once again. She recalled that she grew up watching him in her Christian household.

“I want to know what’s going on on the other side,” Perry said. “I don’t want to be ignorant.”

So, she started following Bill O’Reilly on Twitter, reports The Washington Post. The singer left her Christian upbringing behind to pursue a music career in Los Angeles. Katy released the breakout hit “I Kissed a Girl” in 2008, which gave her a household name. Since then, the singer has had a string of No. 1 singles and a political awakening.

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[Featured Image by Larry Busacca/Getty Images for NARAS]