Danielle Bregoli Dating Rumors: ‘Cash Me Ousside’ Girl Addresses Reports Of Gay Romance With Older Rapper

Danielle Bregoli is clearing the air about her alleged gay relationship with a famous rapper, with the “Cash me ousside” girl once again speaking up to squash the rumors.

The 14-year-old, who shot to fame after her appearance on Dr. Phil about wayward teens, has since become a viral star with an ever-growing fan base on social media. But with that fame also comes scrutiny on her private life, and even her young age doesn’t spare her from rampant rumors about her dating life.

The latest one came after Danielle Bregoli posted a video with a young woman many identified as Young M.A., a 25-year-old rapper. That prompted criticism that such a young star would be swept up by someone much older, but the “Cash me ousside” girl spoke out this week to clear everything up.

In a recent interview, she laughed off the reports that she was dating the much older woman.

“That’s my friend who just look [sic] like her,” Bregoli told In Touch. “Come on, isn’t Young M.A like 25?”


This comes just a few weeks after Danielle Bregoli was forced to clear up rumors that she and 19-year-old rapper Kodak Black were in a relationship. Bregoli had struck up something of a friendship with Kodak Black, even appearing in a music video and sharing a Facetime chat where the topic of her love life came up.

Those rumors kicked into high gear when some fans speculated that Danielle Bregoli could be pregnant. As Life & Style reported, some of her social media followers believed that Bregoli was showing off a baby bump in one of her pictures.

“Is there going to be a ‘Cash Me Outside’ Junior? Fans are convinced that Danielle Bregoli is pregnant after a photo surfaced of her alleged baby bump.

“Rumors started after a photo of a girl lifting up her shirt showing off her bare belly went viral, with many claiming it was Danielle in the pic, even though her face was not visible.”

Those rumors came at the same time that Kodak Black posted a cryptic tweet in which he seemed to announce that he had gotten an unnamed woman pregnant. But Danielle Bregoli blasted those rumors, saying she was not pregnant and that she had never even hung out with Kodak Black.

“I’ve never hung out with Kodak Black — ever,” she told TMZ. “He’s 19 — g*d d**m!”

But her fame has brought out a dark side in some fans. Although Bregoli has been criticized for sharing some racy pictures and videos online inappropriate for her age, the “Cash me ousside” girl noted that she gets some equally inappropriate attention in return. She spoke out against that as well, blasting fans who have sent her inappropriate messages online.

“They’re stupid pedophiles,” Danielle told In Touch. “I ignore it — but sometimes I see it and that s**t nasty.”


There have been other rumors surrounding Bregoli, including a death hoax last month that went viral and even prompted a response from the 14-year-old. Bregoli has fueled some of these rumors herself with her racy posts on social media and tendency to run toward the spotlight.

It’s likely that the attention around Danielle Bregoli — including the speculation about her dating life — will only grow in the coming months. Instead of getting her 15 minutes of fame and then disappearing like many other viral stars, Bregoli seems determined to make the very most of her sudden viral fame. She has signed onto a new reality show, one that will feature on the sometimes volatile relationship between Bregoli and her mother.

[Featured Image by Danielle Bregoli/Instagram]