‘The Perfect Catch’: Nikki DeLoach Finds Love And Drama In Hallmark Family Movie Set In A Small Town

A new movie called The Perfect Catch is coming to the Hallmark Channel today. The family drama, which is directed by Steven R. Monroe and based on a story by Gregg Rossen, is part of Hallmark Channel’s highly-rated programming for their Spring Fling season. The Perfect Catch’s teleplay was written by Brian Sawyer and Hanz Wasserburger. It stars Nikki Deloach and Andrew Walker, The News & Observer reported.


The Perfect Catch: What Is It About?

Set in the fictitious town of Park Falls, the Hallmark movie introduces us to Jessica Parker, a cute single mother who is raising her son, Wesley. Long hours at the diner, where she serves up some of the locals’ finest, is hard on the hardworking mom. All she wants is the chance to relaunch the family business. Jessica inherited the old diner from her grandpa, the man who started the legacy. But changing times and problems with money threaten to shut down the business if they don’t revive it fast.

Jessica has her heart set on relaunching the diner with a trendy food truck. It’s a new way that she can create a buzz and invest in her future. However, her boyfriend, Brett, a dependable insurance agent type, is not buying her idea. They need to stick with what works. Starting a business is too risky.


Brett doesn’t know it, but his reaction doesn’t set well with Jessica. And his lack of support will come back to haunt him. Meanwhile, Jessica is working at the diner when she bumps into Chase Taynor, her former high school flame. Chase is just as shocked to see Jessica still working at there. The all-star baseball player is back in town after a humiliating pitch disaster. He is still considered the town’s hero, but this baseball flub takes a swipe at his ego.

However, seeing Jessica again immediately lifts his spirits. Just after the first conversation, they are both riding high. And although they have respective lovers, secretly they cannot get each other out of their minds.

A further spark is lit when Chase supports Jessica and encourages her to open up her food truck. He may even have a major hook up for her since his mechanic dad has a truck that he can easily restore. It’s around that same time that Chase realizes that his relationship with his supermodel girlfriend is not what he wants.


The Cast Of Hallmark Channel’s The Perfect Catch

Nikki DeLoach is no amateur when it comes to the world of acting, as noted at the Hallmark Channel website.

“DeLoach most recently starred on MTV’s #1 scripted and critically acclaimed series, ‘Awkward.’ She was considered one of television’s ‘hottest moms’ with her portrayal of Lacey Hamilton, the young and well-meaning mother of Jenna, the show’s focus. The series has been praised by fans and critics alike, and has appeared on numerous ‘Best of TV Lists’ including TV Guide’s Hot List, Variety, USA Today, Huffington Post, The New York Times, and Time Magazine, to name a few.”

Andrew Walker also has an impressive list of credits. (via Hallmark Channel)

“Andrew was a series lead on the Lifetime series ‘Against the Wall’ and also guest starred on hit TV shows, including ‘ER,’ ‘CSI: Miami,’ ‘CSI: New York,’ ‘Without a Trace,’ ‘Big Bang Theory,’ and the Hallmark Channel’s series ‘When Calls The Heart.’ Recent feature film credits include the lead in ‘Loaded’ and ‘Penthouse North’ opposite Michelle Monaghan and Michael Keaton as well as a supporting role in the TV film ‘Wedding Planner Mystery.’ He also starred as the lead in four recent Hallmark movies: ‘Dashing Through the Snow,’ ‘Appetite for Love,’ ‘Date With Love,’ and ‘Love on Ice.'”

The Perfect Catch movie is produced by Crown Media Productions with Bruce D. Johnson as the executive producer. Harvey Kahn is listed as producer, the IMDB reports. Filming for The Perfect Catch took place in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The Perfect Catch airs tonight at 9/8 p.m. Central on the Hallmark Channel. Last week, Like Cats and Dogs aired.


[Featured Image by Kailey Schwerman/Crown Media]