WWE Rumor Roundup: Paige Sex Tape Means She’s Done With WWE, AJ Styles Face Turn, Roman Reigns Heel Turn?

The weeks following WrestleMania are always interesting ones in the WWE universe, this year has been no exception. Vince McMahon used the first post-WrestleMania edition of Monday Night Raw to announce his “superstar shakeup,” and whilst the roster moves are mostly complete, it seems that there are major moves afoot concerning WWE superstars AJ Styles, Roman Reigns and Paige. Backstage rumors are suggesting that Paige’s WWE career is over, and that Both Styles and Reigns are set for major character changes.

Possibly the most important WWE news story this week is that Paige’s WWE career may be over. According to the New York Post, the leaking of sex tapes of Paige with two different wrestlers may spell the end of her WWE career. Explicit images and videos of Paige were leaked online, and fans were not impressed when her title belt appeared in one of the sordid videos. Paige, who is now married to WWE star Alberto Del Rio, says that she was naive and that she was taken advantage of by someone who breached her trust.

“I made a big mistake. Huge. I put trust in the hands of someone that took advantage of a young girl years ago. It was my mistake and I’ll always take responsibility.

“Not only was I a victim of viral humiliation, but a victim of cyber-bullying. I had days where I wanted to physically harm myself.”

Of course, Paige’s sex tapes are not the only scandal that has attached itself to the British WWE star. Paige sustained a neck injury last year and has since been suspended by the WWE for breaches of the company’s wellness policy. The WWE released a statement announcing that Paige was issued a 60-day suspension in October for her second violation of the WWE’s drug testing regime. Paige had previously been banned for 30-days over a similar violation.

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Paige has always denied using drugs to cheat, and according to UPI, she appeared on this week’s Total Divas to reiterate her denials and explain why she had been suspended.

“WWE posted a statement about me failing the wellness policy. We get drug tested all the time…first of all, I don’t do drugs.

“Second of all, I did the test and I passed it. They’re only suspending me because I didn’t take it in the allotted time that they gave me.”

Paige was clearly upset when she spoke on Total Divas but it seems that she is set to have more reasons to be upset. According to Cageside Seats, the Wrestling Observer believes that the WWE network has no plans for Paige to return to action when she recovers from her neck injury. If that proves to be true, then Paige’s WWE career may be over.

WWE Planning Roman Reigns Heel Turn And AJ Styles Face Turn?

Let’s be honest, rumors of a Roman Reigns heel turn are hardly new. As previously reported in the Inquisitr, a Reigns heel turn would be a logical progression for a man who just can’t win the fans’ affection. As reported in Bleacher Report, the WWE network has been promoting Reigns as the face of WWE since he joined the main roster as part of The Shield tag-team.

They argue that a Reigns heel turn is essential if the WWE is to make the most of the Big Dog’s talent. Any remaining hope of Reigns becoming the WWE’s most popular babyface surely went out the window when Reigns ended The Undertaker’s career at WrestleMania 33.

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The night after WrestleMania 33 saw Reigns showered with boos when he entered the ring to announce that Monday Night Raw is “his yard now.” Reigns has always been portrayed as the underdog who can overcome any obstacle to come out on top. The familiar formula was on display at WrestleMania 33 when Reigns recovered from the brink of defeat to send The Undertaker into retirement on the back of his second WrestleMania defeat.

The WWE network has exactly the opposite problem when it comes to AJ Styles’ character. Styles arrived on the WWE network during the 2016 Royal Rumble, and he is now recognized as the WWE’s most prodigious talent. John Cena has long claimed to be “the face that runs the place,” on SmackDown Live. In truth, Cena would be better described as “the face who runs the place when he doesn’t have anything more important to do.”

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Styles is truly the man who deserves that title, but he is held back by his heel status. As reported in Bleacher Report, the WWE network is set to restyle Styles as a face, making him the natural successor to Cena. With Bray Wyatt and Dean Ambrose moving to Monday Night Raw from SmackDown, the time is right for a Styles face turn. The move would capitalize on Styles’ popularity. Styles and Reigns are arguably the WWE’s most important current stars. A change of character for both stars would keep a good face-heel balance, whilst making the most of the network’s top talents.

Changes in character for AJ Styles and Roman Reigns would be popular with the fans, and it would certainly bring a fresh impetus to the WWE’s weekly Raw and SmackDown shows.

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