Caitlyn Jenner: Tell-All Memoir Dividing Kardashian Family — How Kendall, Kylie Are Coping With ‘KUWTK’ Drama

Caitlyn Jenner’s forthcoming book, The Secrets of My Life, has definitely ruffled some feathers in the Kardashian household — so much that the majority of the family has turned their backs on the former athlete, it’s been alleged.

According to Hollywood Life, Kris Jenner, Kim Kardashian, and Khloe Kardashian are furious with some of the things that they have read from the excerpts online. It has given them the impression that the book is an opportunity for Caitlyn Jenner to brand herself as anything but her true self.

Kim has allegedly stressed to friends that she is fearful of what else she will find in Caitlyn Jenner’s book, convinced that the 67-year-old could very well have mentioned her relationship drama with Kanye West following the Paris robbery incident since Kim still shared somewhat of a close bond with Jenner at the time.

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Right now, however, Kendall and Kylie Jenner are said to be the ones that are trying to avoid all the drama concerning their dad. According to sources, the socialites don’t want to be caught up in the intense atmosphere between their siblings and their father, simply because they don’t want to take sides.

There are many things that Caitlyn Jenner has done which the Kardashian family hasn’t agreed with — some of those include the interviews in which Caitlyn openly slams Kris for being a difficult person to be married to for two decades, Refinery29 explains.

This memoir that Caitlyn Jenner is releasing has really put the family’s bond on the edge with the athlete-turned-TV personality. Everyone has started distancing themselves from Caitlyn because of this. It’s hard for the family to understand why Jenner would consistently want to bring such negativity around them. It’s almost as if she likes portraying the family in a negative light to better herself with the public, the insider notes.

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“There’s so much bad blood between Kris and Caitlyn right now and it’s all because of this book,” a source tells Hollywood Life. “Unfortunately the animosity is trickling down to the kids. The older girls have all sided with their mom and that makes Kylie and Kendall feel like they need to be on team Cait.

“Their sisters have all told them that they don’t have to choose sides but that hasn’t stopped them from feeling like they’re caught in the middle. Kylie and Kendall both worry a lot about their dad. They see the way Cait’s getting shut out and it hurts. Kylie’s been spending a lot more time with her dad lately but she always feels like she has to sneak around and hide it from her mom and her sisters.”

While the source mentions how Kendall and Kylie have tried to keep a relationship with Caitlyn Jenner in the midst of the scandal, it is further added that their dad’s motifs in revealing all this information have been questioned on numerous occasions.

Kris Jenner had allegedly made a tremendous effort in getting on good terms with Caitlyn Jenner following the interviews in which she was branded as a horrible person to be married to. She was able to overlook Caitlyn Jenner’s comments, but with the release of Caitlyn’s memoir, it’s almost as if the former couple is taking two steps back and starting right from the beginning again, as far as their friendship is concerned.

Caitlyn Jenner’s memoir is said to discuss everything from sex life with Kris, to her gender reassignment in January, and her relationship with her step-daughters following her decision to live her life as a woman.

Will you be reading Caitlyn Jenner’s book?

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