‘Breaking Bad’ Actor Lavell Crawford Triples Down On Anti-Gay Comments With Slur-Laden Retweets

Breaking Bad actor Lavell Crawford has been making headlines for a few days, first with a series of statements in which he suggests that lesbians and gay men have made a choice and should try heterosexual intercourse instead — said somewhat less delicately — and then with an apology for his “choice of words.”

Shortly after Crawford’s apology, however, he doubled down, declaring the initial statement was his opinion and that he had a right to express it.

Now, several days after his initial statements, Lavell is going further still, retweeting a number of apparent fans who refer to LGB people with slurs and crude descriptions.

It began with an interview in which, according to BET, Lavell Crawford said that he understood that gay people have feelings, but expressed annoyance that transgender individuals are fighting for access to safe bathrooms — Lavell’s phrasing was “[gay people] they’re trying to get their own bathrooms.”

Crawford didn’t stop there. He then went on to discuss his dad’s same-sex relationship, saying he had questions such as, “Which one [of the two men] is the man?”

Lavell Crawford speaks about lgbt rights
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The relevant portion of the interview with VladTV is here, and the entire interview is here, but be warned that it’s full of profanity as well as anti-gay stereotypes and statements.

Lavell warns, “All you homosexuals, you better get tough skin,” adding that he, as a black man, has had to do the same because of racial slurs and stereotypes.

He then launches into explaining that gay characters shouldn’t be in cartoons and that he recently got upset when a parent in a store almost permitted her son to have a Harley Quinn doll — “That’s a girl!”

Crawford then hits what is perhaps the most-quoted portion of the interview, saying someone who thinks he’s gay should “try [slang term for vagina] first. Young ladies, try a [slang term for penis] first.”

As could be expected, Lavell Crawford got a lot of feedback. He responded with an apology, reiterating multiple times that he isn’t afraid of the “gay mafia,” something Crawford referenced in the original interview as the reason he doesn’t do gay jokes.

He added, “I want to apologize for my choice of words if it offended anyone.”

Lavell Crawford on gay rights, tweets slurs
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However, Lavell immediately follows with a “but.”

“…but if you watch the video (vladtv) without judgment and not so quick to be offended you will see I respect everybody.”

Only hours after the apology, Crawford followed up with another statement.

In this one, Lavell says, “I apologize but I have right to my feelings and opinions.”

He continues that people are just using his interview as a sounding board, attacking him even though “I distinctly said I don’t pick on gay people really.”

However, with a few more days of hearing how people feel about his statements, Lavell is going further, retweeting followers who use anti-gay slurs and excessively descriptive opinions about gay sex.

One person Lavell retweeted said it was better when gay people were “in the closet.”


In another post, Lavell shared said, “[anti-gay slur]s and [anti-lesbian slur]s just want attention [profanity] them.”

lavelle crawford slurs antigay
[Image vy Lavell Crawford/Twitter]

Although Crawford didn’t type the words out himself, merely sharing them from another user, the promotion of anti-gay slurs in this manner is a strong statement from the comedian.

Other posts Lavell Crawford shared repeated that he should never have apologized, and said “the left” and “thought police” were attacking and bullying him unfairly for having a different opinion than their own, as well as backing Crawford up and telling him not to “cave” to “twisted culture.”

While Lavell Crawford might not have addressed the issue further in his own words (so far), the things he’s been retweeting speak volumes to the viewers.

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