BootyQueen Apparel On ‘Shark Tank’: Amanda Latona Kuclo’s Instagram Pictures Help Sell Her Clothing Line

BootyQueen Apparel hit it big with Shark Tank, helping owner Amanda Latona Kuclo bring her body-hugging clothing to a giant new audience — and helping her own pictures go viral.

The fitness apparel company was started by Kuclo after she built her name as a fitness star famous for her “bounteous booty,” as Monsters and Critics put it. She is also married to a well-known bodybuilder, Steve Kuclo, who helped Amanda start the BootyQueen Apparel clothing line in 2015.

Together, the two are something of royalty within the fitness and bodybuilding world, and they used their fame and expertise to launch the clothing line. They also have a good knack for what will sell and what it takes for apparel to hold up to the rigors of training.

“The specialist fitness line was created by renowned ‘Booty Queen’ and Instagram star Amanda Latona Kuclo along with her pro-bodybuilder husband Steve Kuclo,” Monsters and Critics noted. “She’s a 10 time IFBB Pro Bikini Champion and a specialist in glute training, he’s one of the world’s top bodybuilders — so this pair of newlyweds know what it’s all about when it comes to what to wear over your muscles.”

Even before she launched BootyQueen Apparel, Amanda Latona Kuclo was very well known within the fitness world. Aside from her bikini championships, she has also appeared in magazines including a stint on the cover of Muscle & Fitness Her magazine where she shared some secrets about how she got her famous glutes.

To help build the audience for her episode of Shark Tank, Amanda Latona Kuclo posted pictures of her appearance and previews on her Instagram page, which she uses as a hub to show off pictures of herself and the BootyQueen Apparel. Kuclo certainly has a knack for self-promotion, showing off her physique while also displaying the apparel. Every trip to the gym is also a chance to further her line.

The BootyQueen Apparel line has a range of items, from leggings, to hoodies, and even hats. The leggings run between $80 and $90, while tank tops and T-shirts are closer to $25 or $30. As the name would imply, the clothing line is made to flatter women who might have more curves.

“Our signature high waist style helps to create a sleek silhouette, reduce muffin top as well as pass the ‘squat test,'” the company’s website noted.

As the Shark Tank Blog noted, it’s not clear if BootyQueen Apparel will get any help from the sharks on Friday’s episode. The report noted that Daymond has been hesitant to invest in apparel in the past, and Lori already has a stake in a yoga pants line called Hold Your Haunches.

“Mr. Wonderful, Mark, and Robert all have interests in clothing related businesses, but unless the Kuclos blow them away with a great presentation and a solid valuation, I think they’ll all bow out,” the report noted. “Amanda and Steve’s best bet is still Daymond, but I think they’ll leave the Tank without any booty from the Sharks.”

Given how popular the line appears to be already, Kuclo could still find plenty of success even if she doesn’t get any investors in her appearance. Judging by how the pictures of Amanda Latona Kuclo have already gone viral before the appearance, it seems that the company is headed for a major boost ahead.

But even if BootyQueen Apparel isn’t a hit with the Shark Tank investors, it’s already quite popular online. Even before the show premiered on Friday, Amanda Latona Kuclo’s Instagram pictures were going viral and filled with supportive comments from followers. Those interested in checking out her clothing line can go to the BootyQueen Apparel site.

[Featured Image by Amanda Kuclo/Instagram]