New ‘The Wire’ Promo Video Released By HBO

A new promotional video for The Wire has just been released by HBO.

The Wire first came out on HBO in June of 2002 and ran for five seasons. HBO has released this new promo video to encourage subscribers of HBO Now to take full advantage of their program by indulging in older series. The Wire is one of those shows that just didn’t get enough attention because it was on a pay cable channel and binge watching shows was not such a big thing back then.

HBO actually released three new promo videos for The Wire, Deadwood, and Six Feet Under. As Slash Film explains, “there are some shows that perhaps never got as wide of an audience as they deserved, especially those that were on a pay cable channel like HBO.” These series have been given new life with these trailers with the hopes of giving them a more modern edge for viewers who are looking for something to binge watch. The Wire in particular will keep viewers wanting more.


The new video for The Wire is very well put together. It highlights the Baltimore scenery, paying attention in particular to the inner-city. The new trailer for The Wire introduces new viewers to characters like D’Angelo Barksdale (Laurence Gilliard, Jr.), a mid-level dealer and Det. James McNulty (played by Dominic West, who has recently starred in The Affair on Showtime) who is in charge of the team that has been tasked with bringing down Avon Barksdale (Wood Harris) and his partner, Stringer Bell (Idris Elba).

The promo video for The Wire also draws attention to the diversity of the scenes and the characters in the series. The Wire was never a show to focus on just one side of the events of the series. Both the “good guys” and the “bad guys” in The Wire have an opportunity to share their side of the story, showing that the “good guys” aren’t always so good and the “bad guys” have a good side sometimes, too. The Wire has very little bias and isn’t afraid to challenge perceptions of its viewers.

As you watch the new trailer for The Wire, you might notice that a lot of the actors in the series went on to do movies and TV shows that you have seen since 2008. In fact, several of the actors have appeared on another hit television show – The Walking Dead. Laurence Gillard, Jr. played Bob, the upbeat member of Rick’s crew that got eaten by enemies after being bitten by a walker. Seth Gilliam (who played the role of Sgt. Ellis Carter in The Wire) is currently on The Walking Dead as Father Gabriel Stokes. Chad L. Coleman (who played Cutty on The Wire) was a fan favorite on The Walking Dead when he played Tyreese. Other actors from The Wire that appeared in The Walking Dead include Brandon Fobbs and Vincent Ward.

What Do Fans Say About ‘The Wire’?

Fans of The Wire will tell you that this show is well worth watching. The Wire is pretty heavy viewing though, so you might want to spread your binge watching out to a couple episodes at a time. If you watch all five seasons of The Wire at once, your life will never be the same.

Here’s what some fans have to say about The Wire:


Oh, don’t forget that even our former president, Barack Obama, is a fan of The Wire. He said that The Wire is, “One of the greatest pieces of art in the last couple of decades.”

Watch The New Trailer For The Wire

If all of this hasn’t convinced you that The Wire is something that you should check out if you have an HBO Now subscription, watch the video. At only 2:42 in length, this trailer for The Wire will get your heart pumping.

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