WWE News: Is Braun Strowman Set To Be The Next Great WWE Superstar?

There are serious indications that Braun Strowman might become the next great WWE superstar, soaring ahead of Roman Reigns. Strowman has crowds whipped into a frenzy during his matches, and many in the world of wrestling are talking about the “it” factor that Braun Strowman brings to his shows. Marc Normandin from Cageside Seats spoke of the fear he evoked in people, but also the level of adoration that crowds have for him, as Bleacher Report notes.

“Braun Strowman is the star of Raw, as beloved as he is feared, and no one should get in his way for some time.”

Bleacher Report also cites Kevin Eck, who used to be a member of WWE Creative, as saying, “Am I the only one who thinks Braun Strowman is the most compelling performer in the business today?”

The WWE need only take a cursory glance at figures from RAW to see that Braun Strowman vs. Big Show topped YouTube’s list of matches, and figures don’t lie. While more than a few people believe that Strowman would make a much better contender for the WWE Universal title, there could already be plans in the minds of some for Roman Reigns to defeat Braun Strowman on April 30 at Payback. In this way, Roman would then be facing Brock Lesnar at the WWE Universal Championship.

There seems to be a divide between those who believe the WWE are wise to play Braun Strowman off of Roman Reigns and those who believe that Strowman is the true star of the WWE. As Bleacher Report remarks, some are of the opinion that Braun Strowman’s star has risen on WWE’s RAW because of his work with Reigns and The Big Dog. They believe that people who doubt Reigns has helped Strowman’s career are upset by the big push Roman has gotten from the WWE since 2015 and that without Roman Reigns, there could be no Braun Strowman.

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Naysayers of Braun Strowman’s inability to be a WWE superstar by himself include those who think that Roadblock: End of the Line in 2016 show that Strowman may be unable to provide the sizzle that someone like Roman Reigns could. They believe that his match with Sami Zayn was proof positive Braun doesn’t have what it takes to be the next great WWE wrestler.

There are even those who are upset that Braun Strowman pushed over an ambulance with Roman Reigns in it and there were also quite a few petitions saying that Strowman should definitely be fired, as the Inquisitr reported. However, many Braun Strowman fans went wild over the ambulance and even WWE officials realized there was a lot of publicity generated from this event. Strowman himself said on Monday Night RAW that he would not give up after Roman Reigns and the ambulance, and as he said this, the audience went mad with applause, which just confirmed his popularity with wrestling fans.

WWE's Braun Strowman, Erick Rowan and Bray Wyatt at The New York Stock Exchange on March 29, 2016.
WWE's Braun Strowman, Erick Rowan and Bray Wyatt at The New York Stock Exchange on March 29, 2016. [Image by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images]

Rumors abound that WWE is planning to launch a massive push for Braun Strowman to turn him into a super heel, as Forbes reports. Forbes describes what a great job the WWE camera crew did when they were able to hide Roman Reigns not actually being on a stretcher or in the ambulance that Strowman tipped. With Braun’s penchant for drama, he could even eventually leave the WWE and go on to films.

Do you think Braun Strowman has a shot at being a super heel and ascending to be a huge star with the WWE?

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