iPhone 8 Design Reveals Touch ID At The Back, Hints Curved And Bezel-less Display

The iPhone 8’s design might have been leaked, revealing some key styling elements of the much-anticipated 10th anniversary iPhone. Instagram user bro.king released some renders of the iPhone 8 that are based on previously leaked schematics.

iPhone 8 Renders Reveal What It Looks Like

The iPhone 8 renders only show what the sides and the back are going to look like. Based on the schematics, the aluminum frame takes after the iPhone 5 and the iPhone 6. There are provisions for the usual buttons (the volume rocker and Sleep/Wake button), the ring/silent switch, and the SIM card. At the bottom are a Lightning port and two speaker grilles, while at the top there are two little holes. And as expected, there’s no cutout for the 3.5mm headphone jack.


At the back, there are two interesting cutouts that can be seen aside from the one for the Apple logo. The camera slot hints a vertical dual-camera set-up, while the circular hole beneath the logo is presumably for the Touch ID.

According to MacRumors, these iPhone 8 renders show what consumers can expect to see if the technology that can embed the Touch ID sensor on the screen doesn’t make it to the launch version. Like Samsung, Apple is going to put the fingerprint scanner at the back so that the physical home button can be removed.

Another component of the iPhone 8 design is the tapered antenna lines. The iPhone 6 and 6s had these at the top and bottom, running across the back. The iPhone 7 made the lines more aesthetically pleasing by putting them at the curved edges.

But seeing that the iPhone 8 will likely have a boxy chassis, the antenna lines will have nowhere to go. The renders show that they will be reduced to short lines at the top and bottom part of the phone’s sides.

iPhone 8 To Have Infinity Display

Samsung Galaxy S8's infinity display may be seen on the iPhone 8
[Image by Jason Kempin/Getty Images]

Putting the Touch ID at the rear means that fans can expect a Galaxy S8-esque design. The removal of the physical home button will allow the screen to take up most of the front of the iPhone 8. With a curved OLED screen and almost no bezels, we would be seeing Apple’s version of Samsung’s Infinity Display.

There are mixed reactions about this. Some don’t like the extra cutout at the back at all, which would disrupt the clean look. There are suggestions that Apple could utilize the Apple logo instead to maintain a simple rear design (that would also be a neat feature), but it’s best not to get our hopes high on this.

Unfortunately, that’s all the leaked schematics had to show. But piecing it together with a previous leak that shows what the front side could look like, we have a pretty good picture of the iPhone 8.


iPhone 8 Specs And Release Date

The 10th anniversary iPhone, also dubbed the iPhone Edition, will be bigger at 5.8 inches, ValueWalk reports. It is almost confirmed to have a curved display, but it is unknown if the Cupertino-based company will stick to mild curves or follow the Edge trend.

Under the hood, the iPhone 8 will be powered by a smaller and faster 10-nanometer chip. The RAM is unknown for now, while the internal storage options will likely be the same.

Although the iPhone 8 will be sold alongside the successors to the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, it will be released much later. The two are expected to be unveiled in October, but the iPhone Edition will arrive just in time for the holidays. This is apparently due to some difficulties in the 3D imaging technology and some technical hurdles of putting the Touch ID sensor below the screen.

As more and more details surface about the iPhone 8, consumers can’t help but get excited. It’s looking like Apple is back to innovating instead of doing the same thing over and over again.

[Featured Image by Kiichiro Sato/AP Images]