Scheana Marie Boyfriend: She Claims He Wasn’t Mike Shay’s Friend, Jax Taylor Says He Was

Scheana Marie and Jax Taylor seem to be on different pages when it comes to her new boyfriend and his potential past ties to her former husband, Mike Shay.

Earlier this year, weeks after filming the Vanderpump Rules Season 5 reunion special, Taylor spoke out about Scheana Marie’s relationship and revealed that Robert Valletta and her husband, Mike Shay, were friends. Now, however, Scheana Marie is claiming that Taylor’s statement was incorrect.

After watching the Vanderpump Rules Season 5 reunion special on Monday night, a fan tweeted to Scheana Marie, saying the following.

“You switch sides every season. I felt so bad for [Mike Shay] last night. You clearly loved telling him you were dating his bud.”

In response, Scheana Marie insisted Robert Valletta was not Mike Shay’s “bud” at all.

“They met once at a charity event and that was really hard for me telling him,” she claimed. “I’ve known [Robert Valletta] 10 years, not [Mike Shay].”

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Scheana Marie bluntly informed Mike Shay that she was dating a man named “Rob,” who Shay was following on Instagram during the reunion special, and right away, Shay was left devastated by the revelation.

Scheana Marie and Robert Valletta were first seen together in mid-December, just two weeks after the reality star and her husband confirmed their plans for divorce. That said, they didn’t make their first public appearance until after the reunion special was filmed. Since then, they have been flaunting their romance on social media and have gone on several vacations together.

Months ago, Jax Taylor weighed in on Scheana Marie’s new romance and claimed he was surprised that Mike Shay didn’t know she was dating Valletta prior to the reunion special due to their alleged friendship.

“He’s a really nice guy. Rob is a really really nice guy. I mean night and day [from Shay]. Not saying Shay’s not a great guy; he is, but he’s totally opposite of Shay,” Jax Taylor explained to The Daily Dish in March. “It seems like they have a great relationship. They spend every waking moment together since they’ve been dating. I haven’t seen too much of her lately cause she really in his world now. She’s kind of distanced herself since she started dating him and I haven’t seen her since the reunion.”

“I do keep in touch with Shay, and he recently just found out that she is dating someone,” Taylor continued. “We all thought he knew that Scheana was dating Rob ’cause actually Shay and Rob were friends. And Scheana dated [Rob] a long time ago and then left him, went back to Shay, and now she’s back with Rob.”

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Scheana Marie and Robert Valletta have been quite open with their relationship in recent weeks and in addition to traveling to Big Bear, Hawaii, and Amsterdam, Scheana Marie has gushed over her boyfriend in numerous interviews. She’s also suggested that he could begin filming with her and her co-stars next month.

“Ultimately, it’ll be his decision,” she explained to Us Weekly during the iHeartRadio Music Awards in Los Angeles. “If we’re still together come May and if he wants to, he’s welcome to; if he doesn’t, I’m OK with that.”

“It will not be to the level of the other guys on the show. He’s a very busy man. He has more than one job and won’t have time for all of our drama,” she added.

There’s no word yet on when Scheana Marie and her co-stars will return to Bravo TV for the potential sixth season of Vanderpump Rules.

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