Kim Kardashian Slammed As ‘Disgraceful’ As She Ascends Into Heaven As Virgin Mary

Kim Kardashian just debuted a new addition to her Kimoji emoji collection that shows her as the Virgin Mary rising up into heaven, and, understandably, fans aren’t happy.

Kim unveiled a slew of new additions to her emoji collection on Instagram this week, but it’s her controversial transformation into the Virgin Mary that’s getting the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star slammed as “disrespectful” and “a disgrace.”

Kardashian’s official Instagram for her Kimoji app unveiled the latest addition on April 20, posting a GIF that showed Kim portrayed as the Virgin Mary before the image blurred and stretched as if to suggest Kim was rising up into heaven.

Kim also shared a similar picture on her official Twitter account, which showed the image of herself as the Virgin Mary transferred onto a candle which she revealed is available for purchase from her site

But while Kardashian appeared to think that photoshopping her head onto that of the Virgin Mary was a good idea, others weren’t so convinced and were quick to seriously slam the reality star across social media for what they claimed was “blasphemy.”

“How dare you compare yourself to Mother Mary. You are a disrespectful and disgraceful human being getting desperate for attention,” Instagram user @li11ie hit back at Kardashian in the comments section of the Kimoji Instagram image.

“You call yourself Catholic? Everything you do is for publicity and now you involve religion,” they continued. “[You] are one desperate low life. May God have mercy on you.”

Others were also quick to slam Kim Kardashian on social media, claiming that Kim’s latest Kimoji emoji was “disrespectful” and “blasphemous.”

Kim Kardashian's Virgin Mary Kimoji has fans calling her "a disgrace"
[Image by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images]

“So disrespectful – you ain’t no saint, no Mary – seriously,” Instagram user @haleohealth told Kardashian in the comments section of the GIF that seemingly showed her rising up to heaven, while @tape3127 slammed Kim by commenting on the image that Kardashian was “so disrespectful to Catholics, God and Mother Mary. Please more respect not need to do this crazy stuff.”

“You are [a] despicable human being and an embarrassment,” Instagram user @gscostanza then added in response to the Kimoji that saw Kardashian transformed into the religious figure.

Kim has not yet responded to the serious backlash over her controversial addition to her popular Kimoji emoji collection, though this is the second time Kardashian has been hit with a whole lot of anger from fans for something she posted to social media this week.

Kim previously felt the wrath of her fans this week after Kardashian claimed on Twitter that the flu was “an amazing diet,” though she has since deleted the tweet.

Kim Kardashian's Virgin Mary Kimoji emoji recieves serious backlash as she ascends to heaven
[Image by Rich Polk/Getty Images for Family Equality Council]

Though it’s still not clear if she was joking, Kim appeared to praise being ill on the social media site after The Telegraph reported that she told her more than 51 million fans that she was “so happy” because the flu had helped her to lose six pounds before the upcoming Met gala.

Social media users were quick to clap back at the reality star for her remarks on the 140-charcter site, accusing Kardashian of encouraging girls to not look after their health in order to lose weight.

“Yes those people who died of flu just looked fab in their coffins! #onpoint” Twitter user @Bishop64 hit back at Kim after seeing her comments about the flu, while @Carmen_pov told Kim via the social media site, “You’re aware of the amount of people that follow you/are inspired by you, right? Lots of them being impressionable young people?”

What do you think of Kim Kardashian’s latest Kimoji that appears to show her ascending into heaven as the Virgin Mary?

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